Video Tips

videotips front Most people that own a DSLR now have the capability of 1080p video which is HD video and so we have made a video with the basics which demystify your settings and get you going.


In the video we will explore video lighting and its worth noting that on YouTube we have a video lighting playlist, in  fact we have about 75 videos on our YouTube channel.

Tip no 1 is get some lights for  inside, we have many kits for all pockets and have a seperate category.

Tip no 2 is to set your focus to manual, this allows you to focus normally there is an aid on the live view screen of the camera so you can get pin point sharpness.

Tip no 3 set you camera to manual and set your frame rate, we use 25 frames a second so our exposure is double that at 50th sec, you should always keep this ratio to get good video. If you want more technical detail it is out there somewhere.

Tip no 4 Choose your depth of field, a wide open aperture will give you a small depth of field and f16 will give you a bigger depth of field which really means more of the subject is in focus.

Tip no 5 Use a small ISO something like 100 ISO as this will give you a much better quality than a high ISO, most of our videos are shot in 200 ISO. With your ISO and aperture these are balanced to give you a correct exposure.

Tip no 6 Get a good audio system and do not use the microphone on the camera. There is nothing worse than bad audio on a video, you can get a microhone to plug into your smartphone or use a shotgun mic on the camera.

Tip no 7 Use neutral density filters or variable neutral density filters, this gives you the ability in bright light to adjust you aperture and ISO so that you can get the result you want in the video we have a visual of how a variable neutral density filter alters the exposure.

Tip no 8 Stabilise your camera, a tripod is the best method but if the camera needs to move then there’s lots on the market to choose from.

Tip no 9 Look directly into the camera this helps you engage with the viewer and makes it much more natural.

Tip no 10 Have a script or an outline, this is important so you don’t miss anything out and you will know ahead of time what is going in to your video.