Video Lighting

Video lighting is uses continuous lights which can also be used for still photography, we have a big variety of lighting kits for video and it may be difficult for you to make a choice.

First of all any of the lights in our video lighting category you will be able to use for video and it really depends on your budget which you go for. The entry level systems  either the softbox kits with a single bulb or the umbrella continuous lighting kit will be good for talking heads and also full length shooting.

If your budget allows go for a more robust system and one with more light output as this gives you much more versatility, the quad lights are very compact and take up little room. The super softbox kits with 4 x 50w bulbs either the 2 head kit or the 3 head kit which is our most popular video lighting kit. We also stock the more traditional redhead lighting kits and we still sell a lot of these, going up from there is the Lightbank series, the Lightbank 350 or the Lighbank softbox which have 7 x 50w bulbs giving a lot more light and offer incredible value for money.

If you want to do Chroma key green or Chroma key Blue screen work then you need to consider that the Chroma key screen does need to be lit evenly, this is achievable with just 2 lights and will depend on the software you use. Have a look at our green screen video.

Three point lighting is a classic setup especially if you are shooting on a dark background checkout our 3 point lighting video.

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