3 head Flash Adapter

3 head flash adapter3 Head Flash Adapter

For Flash Lighting  3 head Flash adapter or Tri head flash adapter has 3 cold shoes to allow you to mount 3 speedlites, each cold shoe is adjustable to make the off camera flash secure. There is a threaded bush on the bottom with a 1/4 thread so it will fit to a ballhead, flash bracket or a lightstand. With an umbrella hole in the centre is comes with a locking screw, this can be used for umbrellas or umbrella softboxes like our Speedlight Softbox.

Very small the 3 head flash lighting adapter is an ideal accessory to slip into your bag for when needed, the cold shoes will screw off. This will then reveal a 1/4 thread which would allow you to attach a wireless trigger.

Take a look at the video to show you how it works and what it does.