3D Success with 360 Spins

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3D Success with 360 Spins a customer has been very successful and fully utilises 360 spins on their website. Here

They purchased just the software and computerised turntable and used they their own lighting that they already had. It’s important for their customers to see all aspects of the product, they use shots from the spin to show the product off and they also use video. The 3D products are in our 3D Product Imaging category.

They have utilised a grey background to great effect to highlight the product making it stand out so that it is concentrated on the product with their 360 spins. They have used shots individually from the 360 spin in the web page and have another link that goes to the 3D spin with controls to move the image backward and forwards and also enlarge it. They host all the spins on there own site to keep it all in one place but there is also a free place to host your spins and the link to the site is generated instantly, this means you can have a spin up and running very quickly.

There is a great advantage in 3D Product Photography the whole of your product can be seen from the front to the back. The customers can spin this and control it with their mouse, they can enlarge it to see any detail, the 360 animation adds to the images that you already have and are at a low cost.


3D Product Photography to produce 360 Spins

360 spins product images360 Spins

We have a great 3D product Photography system which comprises of a turntable and software to control it, the turntable is normally called VR or Virtual Reality Turntable. The software stores the images and combines them to make the 360 spins.


360 View


The turntable is controlled by the software to allow you to set in the number of steps for your spin,this includes the ability to stop and alter things and take some shots and then carry on. Using our Continuous Lighting Softbox kits we use 2 heads to light the background and 2 lights to light the product to achieve a white infinity image.

The images can be changed and taken into Photoshop if needed but the software has its own editing suite to allow you to enhance or change the window for your shots saving the original image.

The output can be many different formats above is HTML5 these include GIF, SWF, EXE, HTML5 and ZIP files these all can be stored on a free an accessible internet platform to incorporate into websites without using bandwidth.

This is done at the touch of a button to speed up production time with the remote URL available instantly. The images can be stored on your own site and are always kept on the computer you are using, a windows operating system needs to be used in conjunction with the software.

We have several different kits with just the turntable and software for those with their own lighting up to a turnkey system which includes absolutely everything including computer and camera. This also comes with training so that you can start producing straight away.

3D Imaging System Turntable

3D imaging system with lighting Kit

3D Photo Imaging Turnkey

You can find out more information at the website www.3dphotoscan.co.uk

Here is anĀ  overview video