SuperSoftbox 5 Continuous / Video Lighting

We have a new Continuous lightingvideo lighting kit its our most powerful yet the Supersoftbox 5 this is a very powerful addition to our studio lighting kits.

With 5 x 105 watt daylight compact fluorescent bulbs 5400k CRI of 90 gives the equivalent of over 2000 watts of a tungsten bulb per head, they are switched on the back to allow a lower power setting either 3 bulbs on or 2 bulbs on.

Using a softbox of 60 x 80cm it uses 4 rods to secure it to the head and it has an outer diffuser, the head can be used without the softbox and has the facility to use an umbrella. There is a handle on the back of the head to allow easy positioning.

These kits are ideal for still photography and for video lighting.

Supersoftbox 5 single head kit

Supersoftbox 5 two head kit

Supersoftbox 5 three head kit

Video Lighting

Continuous Lighting

Daylight Bulbs

Chroma Key Green or Blue Backdrop

Chroma key’s history is in the movies and it all started with chroma key blue backdrop but in the last few years chroma key green backdrops have become the fashionable colour. It really does not matter what one you use but the important thing is the colour you are using that colour should not be in your subject, so for instance if you are photographing flowers with green foliage then chroma key green would not be a wise choice. Essentially your subject is shot against a chroma key backdrop and that colour can be replaced with another image, this applies equally to still digital photography and also for video and it is used extensively in TV and Films.

The most important thing in chroma key is that it is lit well and evenly lit go to our website for studio flash lighting or continuous lighting and video lighting. We have a video tutorial showing the use and technique of chroma key.


The software you need for still digital photography is something like Adobe Photoshop or a more economical version Photoshop Elements, with video there many different software packages such as imovie but I have found a video on Youtube explaining how it works with their software

You can find our cotton muslin chroma key backdrops and studio lighting including studio flash lighting and video lighting as well as the backdrop you will also need a background support.

Care of your cotton muslin backdrop first of all because it is cotton it creases and the first task is to get the worst of the creases out, there are several ways of doing this first off ironing is not advised as this can give a shine to the material that you don’t want. A hand steamer can be picked relatively cheaply and this is by far the best way to tackle the creases, once the backdrop is hanging from the background support gravity is helping, the other method is to use a spray bottle and mist it with water to ease the creases out. Being cotton it can be machine washed but should be given a fairly cool wash so that any dye will not run and tumble dry to help keep the creases out and as soon as you remove from the tumble dryer get onto the background support to minimise the creases. It really is a better idea to minimise the backdrop getting dirty in the first place as washing and getting the creases becomes a bit of a task.

Portrait Tutorial using Continuous Lighting

In this tutorial Gavin Hoey explores the use of shallow depth of field to shoot atmospheric portraits in the studio using continuous lighting. He’s using one of our Lightbank Softbox lighting units with daylight bulbs and explains just how you can achieve the same with examples along the way.

Along with the Lightbank Softbox is the sister unit Lightbank 350 that has the same power but with barn doors and a front diffuser. We have a whole range of continuous lighting not only for digital photography but also for video lighting.

In this video Gavin is also using the multi purpose boom arm.

Continuous Lighting – Video Lighting

Were here again stocks of a lot of our continuous lighting / video lighting has almost run out, we ordered in plenty of time and the new stock should be sitting in our warehouse right now. Our supplier had a problem which meant they shipped it a month late, very frustrating, finally its on the way but will not arrive until the 7th March.

We do have some other kits that are in stock, an often overlooked continuous lighting kit suitable for video lighting, product photography and small room sets is the 2 Light Studio Lighting and Umbrella continuous lighting kit now using the 125w daylight bulbs which gives out the equivalent of 500 watts of light. This kit is ideal for travel or storage as its light, compact and comes with a low cost it can also use the umbrella softboxes. We use a ceramic bulb holder with this kit which means it can take this wattage light whereas the plastic bulbholders are only suitable for a maximum of 60 watt bulbs. This kit also comes combined with slave flash units 2 Light Studio Continuous Lighting and Slave Flash Umbrella set.

Don’t forget we still have the superb Lightbank softbox kits if you need more light as they have 7 x 50 watt daylight bulbs and a 100 cm softbox.

We do have other Photography lighting the stocks of studio flash kits are good and of course lots of studio lighting accessories. We have Elinchrom fit softbox and Bowens fit softbox which are very popular also smaller 40 x 40cm softbox and 60 x 40cm softbox to fit mini studio flash units including Portasflash.

We have some good news in that we are increasing Elinchrom fit items namely beauty dishes that will have honeycomb attachments available, some fast erecting softboxes with eggcrate grids available, also available in Bowens fit. More off camera flash items are coming more of that later, its not due to arrive until April will keep you posted on exact dates later.

Continuous Photography Lighting

We are now in a new year with VAT going up to 20% making things a bit more expensive we have decided to add extra value to our popular 3 head super softbox kit and the 2 head Supersoftbox Kit.

We are going to include the 2.6m stands for the price of the standard 1.9m stands, so when you order you just need keep the standard options and you will get the 2.6m stands. This will run up to the end of January, it is one of our most popular kits and ideal for many applications we have a great overview video Super Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit.

Well what can it be used for, it is brilliant for video lighting and it has several advantages over the more traditional redhead lighting, the first one being it uses 5400k energy efficient daylight bulbs so no need for gels to correct the colour temperature to daylight. They are also so much cooler than a halogen type bulb and because of this they are typically called cool lights, with the softboxes they give a nice soft light and we have a fantastic video by Gavin Hoey to show the 3 point lighting technique. The softbox diffusers can be removed to create a slightly harsher light to give a different feel.

They can also be used for still digital photography, not as versatile as studio flash but what you see is what you get, also for nervous subjects such as animal and small children no surprise flashes to disturb them we have a video showing a simple portrait setup Portrait Photography using Continuous Lighting

Product photography is another area where this is just fantastic whether the item is small or a larger room setting it can accommodate both.

In this kit we used 50 watt energy efficient balanced daylight bulbs this is double the light output of some large competitors who only supply similar type units with 25 watt bulbs so this is something to watch out for when deciding your purchase.

3 head Super Softbox Kit

2 head Supersoftbox Kit


Super Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

3 point lighting technique

Portrait Photography using Continuous Lighting

Lightbank Softbox Special

The Lightbank Softbox is a very powerful lighting system ideal for video lighting and still digital photography. It uses 7 x 50w energy efficient daylight bulbs that emit 4 x the amount of light that a normal bulb gives off, they are relatively cool unlike tungsten halogen lighting that get very hot. Another advantage over the tungsten halogen lighting is the colour temperature our daylight bulbs are 5400k and can be used in conjunction with natural light we have a video showing exactly that. Lightbank Softbox Lighting

With switches on the back the light output can adjusted allowing any combination of from 1 bulb to 7 bulbs, the large softbox can be used with or without its diffuser, with the diffuser gives a very flattering soft light.

This is why we say this is and alternative to redhead lighting and the 2 head kit is now on special until 30th December we have made it the same price as the lightbank 350 which is a great saving.

Lightbank Softbox

Lightbank Softbox

Gavin Hoey has produced a great video showing the Lightbank Softbox and how to use it to give a balanced shot mixing it with daylight.

Our Lightbank Softbox is a continuous lighting kit that incorporates a softbox, using 7 x 50w energy efficient 5400k daylight bulbs and a 100cm diameter softbox. The compact daylight fluorescent bulbs have a E27 edison scew fit and can last many thousand of hours they have the advantage of giving out less heat than a tungsten bulb giving the equivalent amount of light, they also have a combined equivalent of 1400w of an incandescent bulb.

They are an all round photography lighting solution as they can be used for full length and small groups still digital photography and also for complete scenes video lighting. They are versatile and units give you perfect control by being switched on the back to allow any number of bulbs to be switched on or off. The front diffuser is attached with velcro so can be used without the outer diffuser for a slightly harsher light.

Super Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

For a limited period we are giving away an 80cm gold – silver reflector on purchases of our Super Softbox 3 head Lighting for Digital and Video SS70503 lighting kit. This continuous lighting kit has 2 70 x 50 cm softboxes that contain 4 x 50w daylight bulbs 5400k and one 45 x 45 cm softbox that has 3 x 50w daylight bulbs 5400k.

An ideal photography lighting setup great for video lighting and great for digital photography, the advantages of using compact fluorescent daylight bulbs is they give off little heat compared with their light output. It is easy to setup and we have a video by Gavin Hoey with an overview of the supersoftbox,  not only that we have two more video one a three point lighting tutorial and one using it for portrait photography.

Super Softbox 3 head Lighting for Digital and Video

Overview of the supersoftbox

Three point lighting tutorial

Portrait photography tutorial

Available until 21st September

Video Lighting

Video lighting is uses continuous lights which can also be used for still photography, we have a big variety of lighting kits for video and it may be difficult for you to make a choice.

First of all any of the lights in our video lighting category you will be able to use for video and it really depends on your budget which you go for. The entry level systems  either the softbox kits with a single bulb or the umbrella continuous lighting kit will be good for talking heads and also full length shooting.

If your budget allows go for a more robust system and one with more light output as this gives you much more versatility, the quad lights are very compact and take up little room. The super softbox kits with 4 x 50w bulbs either the 2 head kit or the 3 head kit which is our most popular video lighting kit. We also stock the more traditional redhead lighting kits and we still sell a lot of these, going up from there is the Lightbank series, the Lightbank 350 or the Lighbank softbox which have 7 x 50w bulbs giving a lot more light and offer incredible value for money.

If you want to do Chroma key green or Chroma key Blue screen work then you need to consider that the Chroma key screen does need to be lit evenly, this is achievable with just 2 lights and will depend on the software you use. Have a look at our green screen video.

Three point lighting is a classic setup especially if you are shooting on a dark background checkout our 3 point lighting video.