Product Photography Kit

Product Photography

Product Photography with Supersoftbox

We have a new Product Photography kit to complement our tabletop photography kits. We have a Product Photography category where it is easy to see what we have on offer. This is a continuous lighting solution for small items and we also have some tutorial videos for product photography including jewellery you just need to click videos on the right.

It consists of a Supersoftbox kit and an 80cm Photo Light Cube, the Supersoftbox kit is used without the diffusers for this. There is also the option to have a third light which can be used to light at the front or from above and it is called Continuous Light kit with 80cm Light Cube.

The cube gives you nice soft light and helps to reduce reflections and shadows allowing you to show the maximum details of the product or item. Each head has 4 x 50w balanced daylight compact fluorescent bulbs with 5500k and a CRI of 90. Each head can be angled and comes complete with mains lead. There is a front cover with the cube that is attached using hook and eye technology, it also comes with sweeps.

The Supersoftbox kit can also be used for Video Lighting so gives multiple uses it can even be used for portrait digital photography as our video.

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We have a tutorial video showing the difference between 2 and 3 lights


Small Product and Jewellery Photography

Small Product Photography

If you want to produce your own product photography images for a website or brochure then this video tutorial will stand you in good stead. It focuses on Jewellery photography but all the techniques can be applied to most product photography. This uses our smallest tabletop lighting studio kit but we have more lighting kits in our product photography category.

Gavin Hoey shows you a simple setup that can give you maximum quality, with tips and tricks to produce the best quality in camera with little to do in photoshop and this is repeatable so even if you have many products to shoot you can do it easily.

Product Photography

Tabletop Lighting Kit

Tabletop Lighting

Exploring product photography presented by Gavin Hoey how to get the best results using the high power tabletop lighting kit with 26cm reflectors. How to compensate for light backgrounds and black backgrounds, the same principles apply to all our  studio tabletop lighting kits.

Product Photography

Tabletop Lighting Kits

Tabletop Lighting Kit with 26cm reflectors used in the video

Product Photography

Tabletop Lighting KitWe have a number of kits in our photography lighting range that are designed for product photography so we have created a category for them. Using balanced daylight bulbs with a colour temperature of 5400k – 5600k which is perfect for digital photography, the bulbs are compact fluorescent bulbs or cfl and are energy efficient. The bulbs give out more light than heat so are classed as cool lights and with a CRI or Ra of 90 which is the colour rendition index gives accurate rendereing of colours. The bulbs we have are 40w, 50w, 105w and 125w they are all edison screw fit E27 which is the standard screw fit bulb.

The small tabletop lighting kits are ideal for small items such as jewellery up to larger items we also have floor standing kits that can photograph much larger items and photo light cubes 30cm, 50cm, 80cm, 120cm  up to a massive 150cm. With the free standing kits its possible to photograph large furniture items including room settings, the lightbank 350 is so powerful you can also shoot people and get sensible exposures. The trilight lighting kit is a good choice as it can be used on its own it comes with a diffuser cover that fits over the reflector and it can be used with umbrellas to give a much wider area of light using either the silver umbrella  for maximum light or white shoot through for softer light.

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Photo light cubes

Balanced Daylight Bulbs

Tabletop Lighting Technique

tabletop lighting kitProduct photography used to be the domain of the professional photographer but with more and more digital camera users you can get high quality images for website use. The important thing with product photography is to go in close us an aperture of f5.6 – f11 to give you a good depth of field. Your camera should be on a tripod and if you are after a white background if your camera is set on automatic then it will try to make the white background grey. To make it white and minimise editing you need to  adjust the compensation control on your camera to let more light through to lighten the image.

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