Studio Flash Lighting Setup

Studio lighting Setup

For all you studio flash or flashers we have found this website showing a studio flash lighting equipment setup, if you have a studio kit with three heads you can emulate this. Very clear diagram on how to position your backdrop, studio flash heads with softbox and your model. This even shows make up used I hope this guy continues with these photography lighting setups there are 11 in total so far. Studio setup

If you want to invest in your own 3 head studio flash lighting have a look here. 3 head studio flash kit

Studio Lighting Bag

Studio lighting bag

We have a great studio lighting bag which we call bigbag this will hold a great deal of your studio lighting equipment wether it is studio flash heads or continuous lighting or reheads. You can also get studio lightstands in this depending on their size, it has dividers so you can create different size compartments with a well padded base and a pocket on the outside. So this is a great bag to store and transport your studio kit. Don’t forget we also have a range of smaller stdio lighting bags. More about the studio lighting bag.