Three head Photography Lighting

We have been out of stock of the lightweight boom arm,  this caused the 3 head continuous lighting and 3 head video lighting kits to be out of stock, well now it’s back. The 3 head redhead lighting kit and all the 3 head softbox lighting are all now back in stock.  The very popular 3 head supersoftbox kits can now be ordered again take a look at Gavin Hoey’s video on them Super Sofbox Continuous Lighting Kit Overview.

Lightweight boom arm

3 head continuous lighting

video lighting

3 head redhead lighting kit

Photographic Background Grey Backdrop

A grey backdrop you may ask what use is it, well the grey backdrop is the most versatile photographic backdrop you can get. You can obviously keep it grey but you can also make it black, would you believe that you could also make it white and if you can make it white then you can make it any colour you like.

Don’t believe me just look at this video, as if by magic Gavin Hoey uses our grey cotton muslin backdrop to do just that, he is using strobist techniques and our strobist softbox but the same technique can be used with any photography lighting including continuous lighting and studio flash .

We also have Gavin Hoey videos in our Tutorial category

Grey Backdrop

Strobist Softbox

Photography lighting

Continuous lighting

Studio flash

June World Cup Offers

Checkout our special offers category.

These offers are for June and will run until the end of June but may be withdrawn earlier. The Lightbank Softbox 2 head continuous lighting kit suitable for video and digital is reduced by £19.00, in the backgrounds and backdrops category the black and white popup backdrop is reduced by £5.00. In the Product Photography category there is £5.00 off the small Tabletop Lighting Kit ideal if you are photographing small items. The 600Ws 2 Head Studio Flash kit is reduced by £20.00 this is now exceptional value be quick as this one is unlikely to stay until the end of June.

Special offers category

Lightbank Softbox 2 head continuous lighting kit

backgrounds and backdrops category

black and white popup backdrop

Product Photography category

Tabletop Lighting Kit

600Ws 2 Head Studio Flash kit

New Studio Lighting Bags / Cases

We have two new wheely good studio lighting bags, sorry about that but they do have wheels and were calling them wheely’s they have a pull out handle so that you can drag them around easily.

If you have a lot of gear then you should consider one of these studio cases. The smaller of the two has internal measurements of 73 x 23 x 28 cm and is big enough to store our lightstand 1.9m without sticking out which of course is an option for larger stands. It will take a 3 head redhead kit (back in stock 1st July) or a twin head super softbox continuous lighting kit.

The larger bag internal measurement is 94 x 32 x 25 cm this will take our professional lightstand 2.4m and a whole lot of kit including multi head studio flash lighting kit.

We now have 5 studio bags/cases and 2 lighting stand bags with enough variety to house all your gear.

Studio Bag Category

Studio Lighting Wheely Bag – Case

Very Large Studio Lighting Wheely Bag – Case

Studio Flash E400 and E800

We are very pleased to present this video which compares 2 powerful quality professional studio flash heads and thanks to Gavin Hoey who runs through the functions, explains them in a straight forward and easy to understand manner. The 400Ws E400 and the 800ws E800 fall between our SD studio flash heads 300Ws and 600Ws, if your in the market for photography lighting and specifically studio flash lighting then have a look at this video we also have a video overview of the SD range.

Don’t forget our entry level systems, slave flash kits and digital 180Ws flash kits, with prices for all budgets.

Studio Flash Lighting Kits

Single head studio flash kits

Two head Studio flash kits

Three head studio flash kit

Studio Lighting and Accessories

The majority of our out of stock photography lighting and accessory items are back in stock, it seems like it has taken forever to get these back.

Continuous lighting, video lighting kits which include the Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit for Digital or Video the Super Softbox Continuous Lighting for Digital and Video and the 2 Light Studio Lighting and Umbrella continuous lighting kit.

The 3 headed continuous lighting and be found here in the continuous lighting kits category or Video lighting category.

Studio lighting Studio Bigbag is also back along with the ceramic bulbholder and 42cm beauty dish in the studio accessories various category.

In the product photography category the popular Tabletop lighting Kit and 80cm light cube.

I think that is all, we will also have several new items in the following weeks you will be able to get the latest news here, in the longer term we are beefing up our studio lighting bags

Portrait Lighting Tutorial using 120cm Softbox

This new video tutorial shows how to use a studio flash head with 120cm octagonal softbox as a single light source for portrait photography, presented by Gavin Hoey he explains in simple straightforward terms exactly how the softbox works it works. Showing how the soft light from the softbox wraps around the subject giving a natural effect. It also shows how to use it as an illuminated background to give a pure white background.

Octagonal 120cm or 150cm Professional Softbox

Photography Lighting Videos

If you have not seen them already we have some tutorial and overview videos of our photography lighting including Studio Flash, continuous lighting and video lighting. The videos are produced by Gavin Hoey who does a great job and you should look at his site and you will learn a lot.

We hope to continue the videos approx one every month maybe more, it depends if we can twist Gavin arm to do more.

If you look over to the right hand side of this page the videos are there.

You have done it again

We would like to say a big thank you, our Video lighting has been depleted and the stock we had expected to last to the end of April has sold out. We still have stocks in our video lighting and continuous lighting categories with plenty of stock of the quad light the lightbank 350 and redhead lighting. A new shipment of out of stock items does not arrive until 19th April, we do apologise for this and will be increasing our stock holding to keep up with demand with shipments arriving monthly. If you are looking for studio flash lighting kits then we have good stocks of all studio flash models.

We have just received a shipment of cotton muslin backdrops so have plenty in stock including Chromakey Blue, Chromakey Green, White, Black, Grey in 3 sizes 8 x 12 ft, 8 x 16 ft and 10 x 20 ft. Not forgetting Chromakey green popup and the black and white popup backgrounds.

We are reducing the Lightbank 350 2 head kit for 4 weeks until our new stock arrives.

Black and White backdrop popup

We now have in stock a black and white 100% cotton muslin popup background 150 x 200cm, they are black one side and white the other. This is ideal for use around the studio as a background but actually is great if you are on the move as it packs down into its own 70cm diameter bag.

Its at home for use with studio flash or video lighting, it is also useful as a large white reflector. The black side can be used to kill light in fact acts as the reverse of a reflector.

Black White popup