LED Bulbs a new innovation

LED Bulb-1We now have LED photographic bulbs the next innovation in continuous lighting for video or still shots. About 10 years ago we introduced photographic compact fluorescent bulbs to the UK and coined the phrase Daylight balanced bulb. It seems now that everyone sells them and uses our phrase so we are now introducing to the UK and Europe mains ES screw fit LED bulbs, they are 5500k and have a CRI of 90 and come in 2 strengths 25 watt and 45 watt.

The bulbs are very powerful and there are panel of 25 watts which one of our bulbs is and the 45 watt bulb the costs are very much lower than a panel would cost. Although the LED bulbs are sold separately we sell these as LED Supersoftbox and this has 2 25w bulbs in each head the light output is stronger than the 4 x 50w CFL bulbs we had and 2 x 45w LED bulbs in the head give out as much light as 5 of our 105w CFL bulbs.

So any bulb holder with ES screw fit can take one of our LED bulbs, old lighting can be transformed, the good thing about these bulbs is they are smaller and more robust than the compact fluorescent bulb. They can be stored easily and will take a knock and unlike CFL bulbs which loose power over time the LED bulb outputs the same light throughout its life.

LED Category

Product Photography using Slave Flash

Use this low cost kit to do your product photography, with slave flash you don’t have to worry about the ambient light. It’s great for taking product shots to put on ebay or your own website.

We show you by lowering the power in your on camera flash you can trigger the slave flash without effecting the subject. There is also a sync lead which connects to a PC socket most cameras do not have this so an extra adapter is required to attach to the cameras hot shoe.

This is very versatile and allows you to have a smaller aperture so that you have a good depth of field so that items are in focus.

Video Lighting Kits

supersoftbox 4 - 3 head video lightingVideo Lighting with Supersoftbox 4

We now have a Supersoftbox 4 Video Lighting kit, this has softboxes 50 x 70cm with removable outer diffuser. It uses balanced four daylight bulbs 105w 5400k which have a CRI of 90, these are compact fluorescent bulbs. This works well for interview or youtube type videos.

We have a standard Supersoftbox Video Lighting Kit which uses four 50w daylight balanced bulbs, the specification is the same, the Supersoftbox 4 Video Lighting kit uses bulbs with a higher light output 105w balanced daylight bulbs. The good news is if you already have the Supersoftbox you can upgrade it by adding the 105w Balanced Daylight Bulbs.

This kit is also great as a Continuous Lighting kit for still digital photography for 1/2 body shots and head shots which give an exposure of 1/80th sec iso 200 f 6.1 so gives a very versatile exposure range for continuous lights.

There are a range of Video Lighting kits, a single head kit a 2 head kit and a 3 head kit. The 3 head kit comes with 2 – 50 x 70cm softboxes and the 3rd light uses a boom arm with a 45 x 45cm softbox that has 3 x 50w bulbs. There is a choice of boom and there is also a choice of softboxes as there is an alternative choice of 80cm Octagonal softboxes that come complete with an outer diffuser. If you want pure white backgrounds on your video then a 2 head kit is used to light the background. Then either another 2 heads can be used to light the subject and a 3rd hair light can also be used.

You can choose the Supersoftbox 5 video lighting kit which takes 5 x 105w bulbs and has 60 x 90cm softboxes and this is suitable for full length video you can also choose an Octagonal softbox.

Photography Barn Doors to control light

Photography barn doorsPhotography Barn Doors

Flash Lighting Photography Barn Doors which will fit any studio flash lighting reflector if it has a rolled edge. They will fit studio flash lighting reflectors from 15cm – 22cm so that is most of them, they have adjusters that screw in and out. The other end is a spring clip that will keep the photography barn doors in place.

They are located in our Light Modifiers and Reflectors category which has a whole lot of different items. This barn doors comes with 4 gels and also a grid. With the use of the gels the light can be altered to a different colour which can be directed on your background or on your subject. The light can be directed by the use of the grid when you put this on it will direct the light and focus it to one area as without it the spill of light will cover a wider area. This will also stop flare if the camera can see the light, it can be used in conjunction with the gels.

To show it more clearly we have made a video of the flash lighting Photographic barn doors which will explain exactly how it works.

Stripbox Photographic Softbox 50 x 150cm

large stripbox softbox

Large Stripbox Softbox 50 x 150cm with grid

We have a Stripbox Photographic Softbox that measures 30cm x 150cm it comes in our EZY up series and opens up just like an umbrella. Not only is it fast to put up it is made of very high quality material and will take a lot of wear and tear. The heavy duty quality of the fabric used in the construction is the best it also comes with a security pin to secure the unbrella mechanism to make sure that it stays in place.

The stripbox comes with a removable grid that will attach and detach with the use of hook and eye technology. It also has in inner diffuser as well as an outer diffuser to give you even light. Stipboxes allows you to light your subject from head to foot simulating a large natural light window, you have the choice of Bowens fit speedring or an Elinchrom fit speedring.

With 2 of these you can light either side of your model to give that really modern look, even one as the key light can make your work more refreshing.

If you want to find out more in our range of softboxes we have a page with all of them listed Photographic Softbox

Product Photography Kit

Product Photography

Product Photography with Supersoftbox

We have a new Product Photography kit to complement our tabletop photography kits. We have a Product Photography category where it is easy to see what we have on offer. This is a continuous lighting solution for small items and we also have some tutorial videos for product photography including jewellery you just need to click videos on the right.

It consists of a Supersoftbox kit and an 80cm Photo Light Cube, the Supersoftbox kit is used without the diffusers for this. There is also the option to have a third light which can be used to light at the front or from above and it is called Continuous Light kit with 80cm Light Cube.

The cube gives you nice soft light and helps to reduce reflections and shadows allowing you to show the maximum details of the product or item. Each head has 4 x 50w balanced daylight compact fluorescent bulbs with 5500k and a CRI of 90. Each head can be angled and comes complete with mains lead. There is a front cover with the cube that is attached using hook and eye technology, it also comes with sweeps.

The Supersoftbox kit can also be used for Video Lighting so gives multiple uses it can even be used for portrait digital photography as our video.

Go to the item in our online store Continuous Light kit with 80cm Light Cube.








We have a tutorial video showing the difference between 2 and 3 lights


Video Lighting for DV camera and DSLR

3 head video lightingVideo Lighting kit Supersoftbox

Supersoftbox is our best selling video lighting item and is ideal for interview and waist up type YouTube videos. Any camera can be used like a DV Camera, DSLR or Camcorder and has 4 x 50w daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs giving the equivalent out put of 800w per head.

The equivalent output is to an incandescent bulb or normal household bulb, the industry standard is to multiply the wattage of the bulb by 4 to give the approx output. Beware companies who multiply by 5 or more to make you think the output is higher, always look for the wattage of the bulb.

Constant lighting is what anyone who shoots video wants and once you have mastered your set up this can be recreated every time it gives you greater consistency.

We have some great tips on how to create your videos and if you want a white background or if you want a chroma green set up then we have some instructional videos.

White background in your video

How to Light for Chroma key

This is a versatile set up for any videographer and is a great resource to make videos giving you a standard set up. We have a 2 head Supersoftbox Lighting Kit and also a 3 head Supersoftbox Kit. If you want an overview we have a video here that will show you the Supersoftbox set up.

Super Softbox Continuous & Video Lighting Kit

If your interested in 3 point lighting then Gavin Hoey made and excellent video for us, it is very easy to understand.

Three Point Lighting Technique

If you want to go full length then we have the more powerful Lightbank Series or the Supersoftbox 5 set ups.

Chroma Key Lighting

Chroma Key PopupChroma Key Lighting

Chroma key all started in the movies with chroma key blue backdrop in the last few years green screen has now become the fashion chroma key green backdrops. It does not matter what colour you use but the colour you are using that colour should not appear in your subject.

The most important thing with chroma key is that it is well lit and evenly lit, go to our website for studio flash lighting or continuous lighting and video lighting. We have 2 videos tutorial showing how to light chroma key.

You can find our cotton muslin chroma key backdrops and studio lighting including studio flash lighting and video lighting as well as the backdrop you will also need a background support unless you use our pop up Chroma key green backdrop.

You need to care for your cotton muslin backdrop because it is cotton it creases , there are several ways of reducing creases ironing is not advised as this can give a shine to the material that you don’t want. Using a hand steamer that can be picked relatively cheaply this is one way to tackle creases, the backdrop is hung up or opened up creases will diminish the other method is to use a spray bottle and mist it with water to ease the creases out. Being cotton the large backdrops can be machine washed but should be given a fairly cool wash so that any dye will not run and tumble dry to help keep the creases out and as soon as you remove from the tumble dryer get onto the background support to minimise the creases. Its a better idea to minimise the backdrop getting dirty in the first place as washing and getting the creases becomes a bit of a task.

Studio Flash Kits

This time of year many people are looking to buy Studio Flash Kits, our prices are already low but to encourage them we are having a December offer.

If you check out the competition our prices on studio Lighting are already low, the main reason for this is our competitors advertise their products, there are 2 effects. The first effect on  Studio Flash and also on  Video Lighting is the cost of advertising which is added to the product which increases the price also generally they are a third party agents and yet again the price increases as the importer is  taking a cut which adds to the price.

As an importer we can cut out the middleman on all our Studio Flash and on our Studio Lighting this means lower cost to you, also they advertise so this also has to add to the products cost, so you will see competitors Studio Flash is at a lower specification but very often at a higher cost and this is the reason. We promote our Studio Lighting very little by youtube and some adwords and rely on word of mouth this is why the prices may be lower yet the specification higher.

Our offer which runs to the end of December or while stocks last can bee seen by entering the 2 kits we have on offer which is the 180Ws Studio Flash Kit which is a great starter kit and the 300Ws Studio Flash kit that has the power with a metal case and fan included.

180Ws Studio Flash Kit

300Ws Studio Flash Kit

M180W Overview video

SD300W Overview video.