Background Support with Telescopic Pole

Background Support

background supportIf you have a backdrop to hang then you are going to need a background support. We have 2 different background supports one is more heavy duty than the other, they are both made from aluninium have telescopic poles that close down to the smallest at about 1.2 metres and will expand up to 3 metres, the poles extend and twist to lock. The standard support will go upto to 2.6 metres high and the heavy duty background support will go up to 3 metres in height.

Backdrops are Vinyl which are good and last a long time these normally come with an internal aluminium core this just slips over the telescopic pole but are expensive. Then there is paper which can come in a variety of colours this is good and a new pristine piece of paper can be pulled down for each shoot which can make it expensive. The third option which we sell is cotton muslin, this has the natural ability not to be shiny but as it is cotton will crease, this is the most cost effective backdrop.

To help with the creases in cotton muslin hang the backdrop which comes with a 3 inch rod pocket and use a spray bottle with tap water in it and mist the backdrop the moisture will help the creases by relaxing the material, steaming is also a good option to remove creases, the muslin can also be laundered on a cool wash. Try not to light the backdrop at an oblique angle as this will show the creases.

Beauty Dish with Bowens fit and Elinchrom fit

beauty dish

Beauty Dish

A Beauty Dish is a great light modifier to have at your disposal we do two types that fit to Studio Flash lighting heads either Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit. They can be used as a single light for classic beauty shots, they are more versatile than that.

The Beauty Dish comes with an inner reflector that will go in two positions to give a different angle of light, a shower cap diffuser that will diffuse the light coming from thebeauty dish and a grid that slots in using sprung clips to keep it securely in place. This is known as a 42cm beauty dish although the measurement is actually 41cm.

We have a video using it in a tutorial lighting and capturing something dropped into water  it can be seen here

We have now got an overview video of the beauty dish to show you exactly what the product is and what it comes with.


Studio Lighting Case or Bag

If you are after a studio lighting bag and don’t want a top end bag costing hundreds then your next stop should be the Smick website as we have a large range of bags and cases. What is a case and what is a bag, well a bag is on the whole soft, a case is mainly rigid I hope that clears that up. You will find all our bags in the Studio Lighting Bags directory.

Our first bag is on Special at the moment has one compartment a handle and shoulder strap and has some padding that is the Studio Lighting Bag A034. You just cannot beat the value for money with this studio bag.

The next bag is a stand bag to hold up to three stands there is very little padding for this bag A005.

Then we have the Studio Bag Medium STB180 which is very well padded and has a padded top and bottom with dividers included this is a great bag in size will hold a lot of gear and is great value for money.

The next one up is the Studio Bigbag STB200 this has the same level of padding as the Meduim bag but is just larger and so will take more photographic kit.

The Excel Studio Lighting Bag – Case STB950 is a totally different shape and is designed to take Continuous Lighting, Video Lighting or Studio Flash in a more compact way, this has padding but has rigid sides and a pocket either side for accessories.


Our top case is the Very Large Studio Lighting Wheely Bag – Case SLB750 his is our biggest case and has rigid sides to protect your kit, this can house a vast amount of Studio Lighting Kit. There is a large divider so that you can create a compartment for lightstands ans other dividers to make smaller compartments.

Easter Special Offers

We have some offers now in our Special Offers category which will run over Easter until 5th April.

The 109cm umbrellas are the same price as the 91cm umbrellas a great saving.



The umbrella softbox acts just like a shoot through umbrella with the added benefit that there is no light spill and all the light is contained. So easy to put up and take down this little gem will travel with you everywhere.


Bowens fit Spill Kill this will fit to ant Bowens S-type fit flash head and now a really good price.



Bowens Fit Snoot with Honeycomb this will fit any S-type fit device and will narrow the light down and comes with the added honeycomb gels can also be inserted and held in with the cap with or without the honeycomb.


150cm x 200cm Gold Silver Reflector this is a very large reflector and can be used in the studio and out will reflect loads of light.



DSLR video Rod Clamp will fit any standard 15mm bar rig.

Portable Light Stand

We now have a portable light stand and this is great if you are on the move and travel with your tripods, it is so small and diminutive although the large tube is 29.5mm in diameter.

So with a light stand that will go to 2 metres high yet only measures 530mm when it is folded down. We have also made a video that you can view to show you how the light stand works.

Portable Light Stand

October Studio Lighting Offers

This months offers are going to be mainly in our Lightstands and supports category.

First of all the the Lightstand 1.9m and Professional Lightstand 2.4m are reduced.





Reflector Holding Arm and the Pro Reflector Holding Arm Kit are still on special.





Background Support Pole are now exceptional value.


Multi Purpose Boom Arm great portable boom see the video.






Professional Heavy Duty Boom Light Stand if you need a solid boom arm permanently in the studio.






Studio Bag Medium well padded great for storing your studio and camera gear.



Excel Studio Lighting Bag – Case for more compact storage.





Offers will run until 20th October subject to stock and items may be withdrawn without notice.

Mad as a March Hare

We have gone a bit mad and have some amazing offers for March while stocks last.

Chroma key Blue muslin backdrops at Half the base priceChroma key Blue Muslin



Large 200cm x 150cm reflector Half Price200cm x 150cm Gold Silver Reflector

Honeycomb Grid for beauty dish Half Price – Honeycomb Grid for Beauty dish

Multiclip double sided clip Half Price – Multiclip



Reflector Holding arm kit with 20% OffPro Reflector Holding Arm Kit


Multi Purpose boom arm complete with wheels for the same price without a saving of £9.00 – Multi Purpose Boom Arm



180ws 2 head beginners studio flash kit with 10% off – 180Ws Flash Lighting kit


Studio Bag Medium 25% OFF – Studio Bag Medium



Check all this out in our Special Offer Category – Special Offers


Multi Purpose Boom Arm

The Multi Purpose Boom Arm has been out of stock for too long and we apologise for that but now it is back in STOCK!!

This is a very portable boom arm not only that it can be a 4 metre lightstand I can’t believe anyone needs one as big as that though. It has a softbag for the counter balance which means you dont have to cart around heavy counterbalance weights, just pop in a couple of bottled water containers filled with water, when the shoot is over just empty the water out and you have saved all that weight.

Take a look at the review video by Gavin Hoey he does not like the counterbalance bag but we do. Multi Purpose Boom Arm Video

Also back in stock is the Heavy duty Lightstand 2.8m

We also have 2 other Studio Boom arms if you want something with a fixed counterweight and also one lightweight boom arm.


Bowens fit Speedlight bracket

We have several brackets in our strobe category, this one is the Strobe speedlight adapter Bowens fit T Mount bracket that allows you to mount your speedlight and attach Bowens fit accessories we also have a Strobe speedlight adapter Bowens fit L Mount bracket. We have produced an overview video of the T mount bracket to show you close up how it works.


We also now have a video made by Gavin Hoey showing the Strobe speedlight adapter Bowens fit T Mount and Beauty dish it includes a tutorial using the adapter to photograph objects in water.


Studio Lighting Clips and Clamps

We have a whole lot of studio lighting accessories which includes clamps and clips.

The multiclip is two clips joined together with a metal rod, this is used to attach flags to lighting heads, no not that sort of flag. Also called french flag the purpose is to block light from spilling onto things that you don’t want lit. So a piece of black card will do and the multiclip allows you to position it for the greatest effect to block light from effecting the camera or the background or part of the image you are creating. Multiclip


The Next clip we have is a Backdrop Clip it does what is says on the tin it holds fabric back drops without damage, it grips the fabric between two plastic parts and cumulinates in a metal  quick release ring. Several of these can help stretch the backdrop taught and remove any creases. Backdrop Clip


If you need something stronger then the metal Gorilla Clamp is what you want, with a powerful spring  the jaws are rubber lined to prevent damage to what your clamping to. This also comes in a variation Studio Clamp with lighting spigot which allows you to mount a light head . Gorilla Studio ClampStudio Clamp with Spigot


Then there is our basic Studio Clamp this is made from plastic but has a strong spring and can be used for many things around the studio. Studio Clamp