Studio Flash Lighting Kits

studio flash 300wsWe now have back in stock the 300ws studio flash lighting kits and 600ws studio flash kits, solid and reliable we have been stocking these for a while. We have a number of professional users and the feedback we get from them is that they love them, with fast recycling times and robust to take the treatment of a professional studio. The 300ws studio flash kit is ideal for the enthusiast with a Bowens fit s-type bayonet fit speed ring, this means that they will take all the Bowens fit light modifiers like snoots, beauty dish or a variety of softboxes, we also have  barn doors that fit to the front of the reflector they come with coloured gels to get you some different studio lighting effects.

Single head studio flash

Two head studio flash

Three head studio flash

Studio Flash Lighting Setup

Studio lighting Setup

For all you studio flash or flashers we have found this website showing a studio flash lighting equipment setup, if you have a studio kit with three heads you can emulate this. Very clear diagram on how to position your backdrop, studio flash heads with softbox and your model. This even shows make up used I hope this guy continues with these photography lighting setups there are 11 in total so far. Studio setup

If you want to invest in your own 3 head studio flash lighting have a look here. 3 head studio flash kit