Studio Flash Lighting

If your thinking of investing in some studio flash then we have some specials on offer to tempt you.

Starting with our 180Ws flash lighting kit this is a two head kit and includes 2 flash heads, 2 light stands, a 60 x 40 softbox, a white translucent umbrella and an 80cm gold/silver reflector we are going to include the Studio Bag Medium which normally sells separately for £33.99 so a great saving. This is an ideal starter kit and you can achieve lots with this setup, we also have 2 videos using this kit the first one is an overview of the kit 180W 2 head studio flash kit with Gavin Hoey doing the honours and we have a Studio Flash Lighting Tutorial also hosted by Gavin.

Next up is our 300Ws flash kit the 300W 2 Head Studio Flash kit again we have an overview video of this Studio Flash SD series Overview this kit comes with 2 300Ws flash heads, 2 light stands, 60 x 80cm softbox, umbrella of your choice, wireless trigger and a lightstand bag. Again we are also going to include the Studio Bag Medium with this. This kit will give you the power and flexibility to tackle most things and you won’t be lacking power.


If you want slightly more power then we have the  400W 2 head Flash Kit these 400Ws flash heads have digital readouts to give more accurate power settings, this kit comes with 2 400Ws flash heads, 2 lightstands. 60 x 80cm softbox, umbrella of choice and wireless trigger. There is an overview video E400 and E800 studio flash overview and a 120cm Softbox Portrait Lighting Tutorial video using this the 400Ws flash head.

With this kit we will be including the Excel Studio Lighting Bag – Case.

When ordering do not include a bag the bag we are including will come automatically as part of the kit.

Bowens fit Speedlight bracket

We have several brackets in our strobe category, this one is the Strobe speedlight adapter Bowens fit T Mount bracket that allows you to mount your speedlight and attach Bowens fit accessories we also have a Strobe speedlight adapter Bowens fit L Mount bracket. We have produced an overview video of the T mount bracket to show you close up how it works.


We also now have a video made by Gavin Hoey showing the Strobe speedlight adapter Bowens fit T Mount and Beauty dish it includes a tutorial using the adapter to photograph objects in water.


Studio Flash Softbox Lighting Tutorial

In this video Gavin Hoey shows how to use the Ezy Up studio flash softbox with grid, he shows what effect the egg crate grid has and how you can use it to control the light in your shots.

The Ezy Up softboxes come in 2 sizes 80 x 120cm and the 120cm Octagonal softbox, both have internal diffusers, outer diffuser and egg crate grid. The grid is simple to apply and uses the Velcro type attachment they also come in Bowens and Elinchrom fit.

Ezy Up 80 x 120cm softbox
Ezy Up 120cm Octagonal softbox

Studio Flash 180ws

The summer is now over and with autumnal weather setting in our thoughts  turn to what we can photograph indoors and possibly setting up our own studio, with a small studio set up you can take all those family portraits or even start a small business taking portraits and baby pictures. With this in mind we have come up with a great offer on our 2 head M180 studio flash lighting kit a very versatile starter kit, the M180 heads are digital and we have 2 videos, one is an overview and explains exactly how they work the other one is a portrait tutorial to give you some ideas.

180W 2 head studio flash kit video

Studio Flash Lighting Tutorial video

Our special offer is that not only will you get the kit of 2 x M180 heads 2 x stands a 60 x 40cm softbox and an 80cm gold/silver reflector, were going to include a snoot (ST150), a wireless trigger (CYA4), 40 x 40cm softbox (SB4040) and a 91cm gold umbrella (GU110) these extras add up to a total of £88.66. This offer is only available for a limited time check the here to see if still available 180Ws Flash Lighting Kit.

We also have a great adapter available for this unit that allows you to use Bowens fit or S – type fit accessories and light modifiers Bowens fit adapter for flash heads

Not forgetting we also have 300ws – 800ws studio flash kits in our studio flash lighting categories


Portable softbox to fit Elinchrom and Bowens

We have a portable folding softbox for studio flash heads with speedrings to fit Bowens s type fit or Elinchrom.

The great thing about these is that they pack away into a small bag and take up very little room so are very portable, unlike conventional softboxes with rods, speedring and cover to contend with and can take some time to erect very frustrating when you are in a hurry.

Take the portable folding softbox out of the bag and the softbox springs open, fit the speedring attach the diffusers and you are ready to go in a few seconds, it is just as easy and fast to pack away .

A good size 80cm x 80cm and has a detachable internal diffuser and of course an outer diffuser also removable. It can be used in conjunction with our strobist adapters so that speedlights can be used with it.

We do also have conventional softboxes and some with grids.

Studio Flash Softbox Offer

Up until the end of August we have some great offers on our studio Flash softboxes up to 15% off selected boxes. All our softboxes have an inner and outer diffuser.

60 x 80cm softbox available in Bowens and Elinchrom has 15% off

80 x 120cm softbox available in Bowens or Elinchrom fit has 10% off.

80 x 80cm folding softbox available in Bowens or Elinchrom fit has 10% off.

80 x 120cm Ezy up softbox including a removable grid available in Bowens or Elinchrom fit has 10% off.

Octagonal 150cm softbox available in Bowens or Elinchrom fit has 10% off.

Octagonal 120cm Octagonal Ezy up softbox including removable grid available in Bowens or Elinchrom fit has 10% off.

Check out our special offers category.

We have a great video showing how to get some great results from an octagonal softbox the 120cm Softbox Portrait Lighting Tutorial

Chroma Key Green or Blue Backdrop

Chroma key’s history is in the movies and it all started with chroma key blue backdrop but in the last few years chroma key green backdrops have become the fashionable colour. It really does not matter what one you use but the important thing is the colour you are using that colour should not be in your subject, so for instance if you are photographing flowers with green foliage then chroma key green would not be a wise choice. Essentially your subject is shot against a chroma key backdrop and that colour can be replaced with another image, this applies equally to still digital photography and also for video and it is used extensively in TV and Films.

The most important thing in chroma key is that it is lit well and evenly lit go to our website for studio flash lighting or continuous lighting and video lighting. We have a video tutorial showing the use and technique of chroma key.


The software you need for still digital photography is something like Adobe Photoshop or a more economical version Photoshop Elements, with video there many different software packages such as imovie but I have found a video on Youtube explaining how it works with their software

You can find our cotton muslin chroma key backdrops and studio lighting including studio flash lighting and video lighting as well as the backdrop you will also need a background support.

Care of your cotton muslin backdrop first of all because it is cotton it creases and the first task is to get the worst of the creases out, there are several ways of doing this first off ironing is not advised as this can give a shine to the material that you don’t want. A hand steamer can be picked relatively cheaply and this is by far the best way to tackle the creases, once the backdrop is hanging from the background support gravity is helping, the other method is to use a spray bottle and mist it with water to ease the creases out. Being cotton it can be machine washed but should be given a fairly cool wash so that any dye will not run and tumble dry to help keep the creases out and as soon as you remove from the tumble dryer get onto the background support to minimise the creases. It really is a better idea to minimise the backdrop getting dirty in the first place as washing and getting the creases becomes a bit of a task.

May Studio Lighting offers

We have some great offers for May with up to 25% off selected items.

We have 2 sizes of softbox for the small form flash heads including Portaflash fits heads from 75mm to a maximum diameter of 95mm 40 x 40cm softbox and the 60 x 40cm softbox.

Large studio flash barn doors with gels, this fits to the fron of reflectors from 14cm to 18cm diameter.



Bowens s-type bayonet fit Snoot with honeycomb.

Our large 200cm x 150cm gold silver reflector this is great value if you need a very large popup reflector for your studio or excellent for outdoors use.

The heavy duty background support, this is a really sturdy piece of kit which allows you to have 3 backdrop in place fantastic value with this offer.

This offer is for the whole of May while stocks last.

You can go to our Special Offer category to see all the items on special

Studio Flash Portrait Lighting

Take one of our 400ws studio flash heads and a 120cm octagonal softbox, we also sell 150cm octagonal softboxes and see how you can achieve a soft wrap around light by following this delightful video anyone can achieve. In the video tutorial the versatility you can get with just a simple set up, add another flash head and using the large softbox as a backdrop achieve a pure white background, this is similar to how Lastolite use their background light boxes. Gavin Hoey presents this in a simple to understand manner without much jargon.

120cm Softbox Portrait Lighting Tutorial

In the E series studio flash heads and studio flash kits we have two power model 400Ws and 800Ws strobes both these have the same function and there is also an overview video.

E series overview video

We also have our popular SD series studio flash heads and studio flash kits there are two model 300Ws and 600Ws again the functions are identical on both these models and there is an overview video.

SD series overview video

Studio Flash Lighting

Our SD300 300Ws and SD600 600Ws, studio flash heads and kits are now back in stock. They are robust heads and very simple to operate making them a great choice for the enthusiast and the professional, we have sold these over three years now and get some glowing feedback for them. We also have the E series studio flash with the E400 400Ws and for the power hungry E800 800Ws these have added functionality over the SD series which can be seen in the overview videos.

We have single head flash kits, two head flash kits and three head flash kits.

You may wonder why our prices for our studio flash lighting is so low, we are 15% – 20% lower than most of our competitors for equivalent or lower specification heads, how do we achieve this. Well you won’t see any fancy paid for ads or reviews in the magazines, we prefer recommendations which is achieved by customer satisfaction, so we really do prefer to have these lower prices. We only accept orders via the internet as this automates the process and makes it very simple to order it saves a lot of administration overhead all helping to keep our prices down.

We have all these heads + kits and a lot more photography lighting equipment in stock for fast delivery.

SD series overview video

E series overview video

Single head flash kits

Two head flash kits

Three head flash kits