Product Photography using Slave Flash

Use this low cost kit to do your product photography, with slave flash you don’t have to worry about the ambient light. It’s great for taking product shots to put on ebay or your own website.

We show you by lowering the power in your on camera flash you can trigger the slave flash without effecting the subject. There is also a sync lead which connects to a PC socket most cameras do not have this so an extra adapter is required to attach to the cameras hot shoe.

This is very versatile and allows you to have a smaller aperture so that you have a good depth of field so that items are in focus.

Portrait Photography Tutorial Using Mains Slave Flash

Slave Flash

Mains slave flash is a great way to get into portrait photography at a very low cost.

The Slave Flash Portrait kit is in the 2 head flash category in our eCommerce site, the kit comes with 2 shoot through umbrella’s, 2 bulb holders, 2 slave flash and 2 light stands. With this kit you can start portrait photography you can use one light to light your subject and one light to light the background or use a main light and a keylight. You can also use the second light as a hair light there are so many options.

We have made a video to show how this can be used.



Beauty Dish with Bowens fit and Elinchrom fit

beauty dish

Beauty Dish

A Beauty Dish is a great light modifier to have at your disposal we do two types that fit to Studio Flash lighting heads either Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit. They can be used as a single light for classic beauty shots, they are more versatile than that.

The Beauty Dish comes with an inner reflector that will go in two positions to give a different angle of light, a shower cap diffuser that will diffuse the light coming from thebeauty dish and a grid that slots in using sprung clips to keep it securely in place. This is known as a 42cm beauty dish although the measurement is actually 41cm.

We have a video using it in a tutorial lighting and capturing something dropped into water  it can be seen here

We have now got an overview video of the beauty dish to show you exactly what the product is and what it comes with.


Photography Barn Doors to control light

Photography barn doorsPhotography Barn Doors

Flash Lighting Photography Barn Doors which will fit any studio flash lighting reflector if it has a rolled edge. They will fit studio flash lighting reflectors from 15cm – 22cm so that is most of them, they have adjusters that screw in and out. The other end is a spring clip that will keep the photography barn doors in place.

They are located in our Light Modifiers and Reflectors category which has a whole lot of different items. This barn doors comes with 4 gels and also a grid. With the use of the gels the light can be altered to a different colour which can be directed on your background or on your subject. The light can be directed by the use of the grid when you put this on it will direct the light and focus it to one area as without it the spill of light will cover a wider area. This will also stop flare if the camera can see the light, it can be used in conjunction with the gels.

To show it more clearly we have made a video of the flash lighting Photographic barn doors which will explain exactly how it works.

Studio Flash Kits

This time of year many people are looking to buy Studio Flash Kits, our prices are already low but to encourage them we are having a December offer.

If you check out the competition our prices on studio Lighting are already low, the main reason for this is our competitors advertise their products, there are 2 effects. The first effect on  Studio Flash and also on  Video Lighting is the cost of advertising which is added to the product which increases the price also generally they are a third party agents and yet again the price increases as the importer is  taking a cut which adds to the price.

As an importer we can cut out the middleman on all our Studio Flash and on our Studio Lighting this means lower cost to you, also they advertise so this also has to add to the products cost, so you will see competitors Studio Flash is at a lower specification but very often at a higher cost and this is the reason. We promote our Studio Lighting very little by youtube and some adwords and rely on word of mouth this is why the prices may be lower yet the specification higher.

Our offer which runs to the end of December or while stocks last can bee seen by entering the 2 kits we have on offer which is the 180Ws Studio Flash Kit which is a great starter kit and the 300Ws Studio Flash kit that has the power with a metal case and fan included.

180Ws Studio Flash Kit

300Ws Studio Flash Kit

M180W Overview video

SD300W Overview video.

Studio Flash Lighting Offers

Summer of Sport Special offers ( Offers will now finish on 15th September)

If your looking for Studio Flash lighting then we have some fantastic offers which will run until the end of August while stocks last.

Check out our overview video of these flash heads

180W 2 head studio flash kit

Studio Flash SD series Overview

Single head 180ws studio flash kit


Money off normal price – Single head 180Ws Studio Flash Kit

2 head 180ws studio flash kit


Money off normal price – 180Ws Flash Lighting kit

Single head 300Ws flash kit


Money off normal price – 300Ws Flash Kit with Softbox

2 head 300Ws flash kit with


Money off normal price – 300W 2 Head Studio Flash kit

Single head 600Ws flash kit


Money off normal price – 600Ws Studio Flash Kit with Softbox

2 head 600Ws flash kit


Money off normal price – 600Ws 2 Head Studio Flash kit


180Ws Flash head with Money off normal price – 180Ws Flash Head

300Ws Flash head with Money off normal price – 300Ws Flash head

600Ws Flash head with Money off normal price – 600Ws Flash head

July Specials

Here are 3 special offers running until 24 July which is the week before the Olympics start.

Two head 300Ws studio flash kit a solid and powerful studio flash heads which can take Bowens fit light modifiers and accessories is a very versatile flash lighting kit suitable for many applications such as portrait photography, event photography, product photography and much more. Take a look at our overview video showing the features of the flash heads.

Studio Flash SD series Overview

We have £40.00 off this kit 300W 2 Head Studio Flash kit

Large Professional Heavy Duty Lighting Boom If your after a super sturdy boom arm kit this one will last for many years, you can control the head from the wheel at the back and it will hold an amazing 8 Kilo. This has 25% off which is £66.00.


Large Professional Heavy Duty Lighting Boom




Large 100 x 150cm 5 in 1 reflector with 20% off







The Great Softbox Sale

This is our great photographic softbox sale for studio flash softboxes with Porta flash fit, Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit, we have sizes that range from 40 x 40cm for the MK180 our 180ws flash heads to the 150cm octagonal softbox with Bowens and Elinchrom fit. We also have the speedlite and strobist softboxes.


The 40 x 40cm Softbox and the60 x 40cm softbox that fits to our MK180 flash head and will also fit small form flash heads with a diameter of 95mm with 25% off.

40 x 40cm softbox

60 x 40cm softbox

The 60 x 80cm and 80 x 120cm rectangular studio flash softboxes with a choice of Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit with 20% off.

60 x 80cm Softbox

80 x 120cm Softbox

The 150cm octagonal studio flash softbox with the choice of Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit 20% off.

150cm Octagonal Softbox




Our Ezy up softboxes work just like an umbrella so they can be erected and taken down in seconds, 80 x 120cm Ezy up Softbox and 120cm octagonal Ezy up softbox again with a choice of Bowens or Elinchrom fit have 15% off.

80 x 120cm Ezy up Softbox

120cm Ezy up Octagonal Softbox

80 x 80cm Portable Softbox with a choice of Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit with 15% off

80 x 80cm Portable Softbox

Speedlite Ezy up Softbox for off camera flash with 20% off previous price.

Speedlite Ezy up Softbox



Strobe softbox for off camera flash with 10% off

Strobe Softbox