Strobe Softbox 60 x 60cm

Strobe Softbox

Strobe Softbox MKIII

The Strobe Softbox 60 x 60cm is for all who use speedlites or off camera flash it is also available in 80 x 80cm. They come with an internal diffuser to smooth the light and the front diffuser just pushes on using hook and eye technology, this is tight and keeps the softbox shape. We have a Strobe Accessories Category that has lots of other items for use with Speedlights and off camera flash.

Speedlites are a great way to add light to your subject or use it in conjunction with ambient light, this will fit to a  lightstand or tripod and with the included adapter allows you to angle the box to any angle you want.

We now have a video to show how to fold it to get into the small bag.


We have a complete overview video


A Tutorial video

Stripbox Photographic Softbox 50 x 150cm

large stripbox softbox

Large Stripbox Softbox 50 x 150cm with grid

We have a Stripbox Photographic Softbox that measures 30cm x 150cm it comes in our EZY up series and opens up just like an umbrella. Not only is it fast to put up it is made of very high quality material and will take a lot of wear and tear. The heavy duty quality of the fabric used in the construction is the best it also comes with a security pin to secure the unbrella mechanism to make sure that it stays in place.

The stripbox comes with a removable grid that will attach and detach with the use of hook and eye technology. It also has in inner diffuser as well as an outer diffuser to give you even light. Stipboxes allows you to light your subject from head to foot simulating a large natural light window, you have the choice of Bowens fit speedring or an Elinchrom fit speedring.

With 2 of these you can light either side of your model to give that really modern look, even one as the key light can make your work more refreshing.

If you want to find out more in our range of softboxes we have a page with all of them listed Photographic Softbox

The Great Softbox Sale

This is our great photographic softbox sale for studio flash softboxes with Porta flash fit, Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit, we have sizes that range from 40 x 40cm for the MK180 our 180ws flash heads to the 150cm octagonal softbox with Bowens and Elinchrom fit. We also have the speedlite and strobist softboxes.


The 40 x 40cm Softbox and the60 x 40cm softbox that fits to our MK180 flash head and will also fit small form flash heads with a diameter of 95mm with 25% off.

40 x 40cm softbox

60 x 40cm softbox

The 60 x 80cm and 80 x 120cm rectangular studio flash softboxes with a choice of Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit with 20% off.

60 x 80cm Softbox

80 x 120cm Softbox

The 150cm octagonal studio flash softbox with the choice of Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit 20% off.

150cm Octagonal Softbox




Our Ezy up softboxes work just like an umbrella so they can be erected and taken down in seconds, 80 x 120cm Ezy up Softbox and 120cm octagonal Ezy up softbox again with a choice of Bowens or Elinchrom fit have 15% off.

80 x 120cm Ezy up Softbox

120cm Ezy up Octagonal Softbox

80 x 80cm Portable Softbox with a choice of Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit with 15% off

80 x 80cm Portable Softbox

Speedlite Ezy up Softbox for off camera flash with 20% off previous price.

Speedlite Ezy up Softbox



Strobe softbox for off camera flash with 10% off

Strobe Softbox

Speedlight (Strobe) softbox Mark III

We now have the mark III strobe softbox back in stock for use with a speedlite. It is an improved design with the bracket coming in just 2 pieces, just unscrew the retaining screw slip the two parts of the bracket together and the bracket is ready just need to slip the softbox on. So this means the bracket is a lot sturdier than the old one and the tilting mechanism will lock in the position you set it, this also means not only do we have the 60 x 60cm softbox but now have the option of an 80 x 80cm softbox.



Rectangular studio flash Softboxes

We have 2 sizes in our standard regular rectangular softboxes, 60 x 80cm softbox and 80 x 120cm softbox they come in two alternatives either Bowens s-type fit or Elinchrom fit.

We have now produced a video showing how to assemble them.


We also have a lot of other studio flash softboxes from small form studio flash softboxes such as the Portaflash to our Ezy up softboxes with eggcrate grid and a 150cm octagonal softbox.

Studio Flash Softbox Lighting Tutorial

In this video Gavin Hoey shows how to use the Ezy Up studio flash softbox with grid, he shows what effect the egg crate grid has and how you can use it to control the light in your shots.

The Ezy Up softboxes come in 2 sizes 80 x 120cm and the 120cm Octagonal softbox, both have internal diffusers, outer diffuser and egg crate grid. The grid is simple to apply and uses the Velcro type attachment they also come in Bowens and Elinchrom fit.

Ezy Up 80 x 120cm softbox
Ezy Up 120cm Octagonal softbox

Portable softbox to fit Elinchrom and Bowens

We have a portable folding softbox for studio flash heads with speedrings to fit Bowens s type fit or Elinchrom.

The great thing about these is that they pack away into a small bag and take up very little room so are very portable, unlike conventional softboxes with rods, speedring and cover to contend with and can take some time to erect very frustrating when you are in a hurry.

Take the portable folding softbox out of the bag and the softbox springs open, fit the speedring attach the diffusers and you are ready to go in a few seconds, it is just as easy and fast to pack away .

A good size 80cm x 80cm and has a detachable internal diffuser and of course an outer diffuser also removable. It can be used in conjunction with our strobist adapters so that speedlights can be used with it.

We do also have conventional softboxes and some with grids.

Studio Flash Softbox Offer

Up until the end of August we have some great offers on our studio Flash softboxes up to 15% off selected boxes. All our softboxes have an inner and outer diffuser.

60 x 80cm softbox available in Bowens and Elinchrom has 15% off

80 x 120cm softbox available in Bowens or Elinchrom fit has 10% off.

80 x 80cm folding softbox available in Bowens or Elinchrom fit has 10% off.

80 x 120cm Ezy up softbox including a removable grid available in Bowens or Elinchrom fit has 10% off.

Octagonal 150cm softbox available in Bowens or Elinchrom fit has 10% off.

Octagonal 120cm Octagonal Ezy up softbox including removable grid available in Bowens or Elinchrom fit has 10% off.

Check out our special offers category.

We have a great video showing how to get some great results from an octagonal softbox the 120cm Softbox Portrait Lighting Tutorial

Strobe Softbox Mark II

We now have an update of our strobe softbox.

It now has a much sturdier metal bracket which has replaced the ball head and will take the heaviest of speedlights without a problem.  It has an adjustable flash shoe which enables it to fit larger flash shoes like some Nikon speedlights and adjusts with a thumbscrew to avoid damage to the shoe, the bottom part of this is plastic to avoid any shorting on the speedlight. Like the mark I it fits to a standard lighting spigot but it now also comes with an adapter so that it will attach to a tripod with either 1/4 or 3/8th thread.

Stobe Softbox

Strobe Accessories