DSLR Video Slider 80cm and 120cm

Video sliderVideo Slider

We have two DSLR Video slider one is 80cm and the other is 120cm in length, both are made from high quality aluminum with sealed bearings.

They both have the same features and can extend legs for tabletop or floor mounted projects but it also has a plate on the bottom. This plate has a female 3/8th hole and four 1/4″ threaded holes. These are photographic industry standards so it can be attached to tripods and heads without worry. The slider has a bubble level to get things level if required and has four sealed bearing to make a very smooth slide, it also has a 3/8th male thread for the attachment of a head. On the front of the slider is a toggle this will lock the head in position and can be tightened to restrict the slide. They both come in zipped bags.

If a tripod head is fitted then the slider can go in any orientation vertically or at an angle.

These are at a very cost effective price at the moment well below the Recommended retail prices. DSLR Video slider


We have made a video so you can see the exact operation of the slider and have also included some samples, I think you can do better.