Video Lighting

Video lighting is uses continuous lights which can also be used for still photography, we have a big variety of lighting kits for video and it may be difficult for you to make a choice.

First of all any of the lights in our video lighting category you will be able to use for video and it really depends on your budget which you go for. The entry level systems  either the softbox kits with a single bulb or the umbrella continuous lighting kit will be good for talking heads and also full length shooting.

If your budget allows go for a more robust system and one with more light output as this gives you much more versatility, the quad lights are very compact and take up little room. The super softbox kits with 4 x 50w bulbs either the 2 head kit or the 3 head kit which is our most popular video lighting kit. We also stock the more traditional redhead lighting kits and we still sell a lot of these, going up from there is the Lightbank series, the Lightbank 350 or the Lighbank softbox which have 7 x 50w bulbs giving a lot more light and offer incredible value for money.

If you want to do Chroma key green or Chroma key Blue screen work then you need to consider that the Chroma key screen does need to be lit evenly, this is achievable with just 2 lights and will depend on the software you use. Have a look at our green screen video.

Three point lighting is a classic setup especially if you are shooting on a dark background checkout our 3 point lighting video.

Studio Lighting Case

We have just launched our premium studio lighting bag / case, this is a soft bag with rigid sides and reinforced corners. It has wheels and a handle on top for easy transportation and its big. Its well padded and has internal dividers that attach with Velcro and has two large pockets on the front.

The quality on this case is superb and is ideal if you want to pack redhead lighting, studio flash or continuous lighting, its big enough even to accomodate lightstands. A case of this quality from a well known brand would cost over £100.00 more than this.

You have done it again

We would like to say a big thank you, our Video lighting has been depleted and the stock we had expected to last to the end of April has sold out. We still have stocks in our video lighting and continuous lighting categories with plenty of stock of the quad light the lightbank 350 and redhead lighting. A new shipment of out of stock items does not arrive until 19th April, we do apologise for this and will be increasing our stock holding to keep up with demand with shipments arriving monthly. If you are looking for studio flash lighting kits then we have good stocks of all studio flash models.

We have just received a shipment of cotton muslin backdrops so have plenty in stock including Chromakey Blue, Chromakey Green, White, Black, Grey in 3 sizes 8 x 12 ft, 8 x 16 ft and 10 x 20 ft. Not forgetting Chromakey green popup and the black and white popup backgrounds.

We are reducing the Lightbank 350 2 head kit for 4 weeks until our new stock arrives.

Photography Lighting Kit

We have had a very busy week trying to keep up with orders, invariably people want their items quickly so we do our best not to fall behind. We have been extra busy as we have had a big shipment of photography lighting kit and it takes time to organise and get the warehouse looking tidy and organised again.

In our continuous lighting and video lighting categories we have our quad lighting heads and kits back in stock, also the high power softbox kits and in acessories category the 4 way bulb adaptor.

In the studio flash lighting we have the 180W/s studio flash heads and studio flash kits back in stock, the 400Ws studio flash heads and studio flash kits are also available. For anybody wanting more power than this we have in stock and hope to get them listed soon 800Ws studio flash kits these are digital heads exactly the same as the 400W heads but just more powerful and hope to have some video’s of these in the near future.

Our studio flash softboxes stock was getting low but we have increased our stock of 80 x 120cm, 120cm octagonal and 60 x 90cm Elinchrom fit and Bowens fit softboxes.

Don’t forget our special offers category, up till the end of February we have on offer Redhead lighting kit, Trilight continuous lighting kit, very large background support, heavy duty lightstand and the very large 150 x 200cm silver gold popup reflector.

Don’t forget to look at our video tutorials and product overview video’s just on the right hand side of this page.

Reductions on Studio Lighting Equipment

We have some special offers in our Special offer category we have added some offers that run through to the end of February.

The very large gold silver reflector is 200cm x 150cm we are given £10.00 off now making it exceptional value, indoors or out this will be a great addition to your photography lighting accessories. We have also reduced the very large background support it has three bars giving the flexibility to have 3 backdrops this has a reduction of £20.00, wether you are using it for video lighting or for studio flash lighting it is very sturdy and will last a long time even in the toughest environments.

We have reduced redhead lighting the 3 head redhead lighting kit is  reduced by £15.00

Redhead Lighting Kit

redhead lighting kitIf you are after Redhead continuous lighting then look no further, we have well specified Redhead lighting in stock. Using 800w bulbs giving 3200k colour temperature, the lights have a focus ability to narrow and widen the beam and with barn doors direct the light to here you want. So wether your adding to your continuous lighting equipment or just starting with photography lighting find out more about our redhead lighting…