LED Bulbs a new innovation

LED Bulb-1We now have LED photographic bulbs the next innovation in continuous lighting for video or still shots. About 10 years ago we introduced photographic compact fluorescent bulbs to the UK and coined the phrase Daylight balanced bulb. It seems now that everyone sells them and uses our phrase so we are now introducing to the UK and Europe mains ES screw fit LED bulbs, they are 5500k and have a CRI of 90 and come in 2 strengths 25 watt and 45 watt.

The bulbs are very powerful and there are panel of 25 watts which one of our bulbs is and the 45 watt bulb the costs are very much lower than a panel would cost. Although the LED bulbs are sold separately we sell these as LED Supersoftbox and this has 2 25w bulbs in each head the light output is stronger than the 4 x 50w CFL bulbs we had and 2 x 45w LED bulbs in the head give out as much light as 5 of our 105w CFL bulbs.

So any bulb holder with ES screw fit can take one of our LED bulbs, old lighting can be transformed, the good thing about these bulbs is they are smaller and more robust than the compact fluorescent bulb. They can be stored easily and will take a knock and unlike CFL bulbs which loose power over time the LED bulb outputs the same light throughout its life.

LED Category

Product Photography using Slave Flash

Use this low cost kit to do your product photography, with slave flash you don’t have to worry about the ambient light. It’s great for taking product shots to put on ebay or your own website.

We show you by lowering the power in your on camera flash you can trigger the slave flash without effecting the subject. There is also a sync lead which connects to a PC socket most cameras do not have this so an extra adapter is required to attach to the cameras hot shoe.

This is very versatile and allows you to have a smaller aperture so that you have a good depth of field so that items are in focus.

Product photography Large items

product photography2 Light Studio Lighting and Umbrella continuous lighting kit

We have a lot of product photography kits and most of these are smaller items. If you need to do large items you can use the Supersoftbox Kits but we have a really simple method.

This consists of using shoot through umbrellas and using the 125w bulbs to give you a wider area of light. This kit comes with 2 stands, 2 ceramic bulb holders, 2 125w bulbs, 2 white shoot through umbrellas and we also include 2 silver umbrellas.

So you set your camera on ISO 100, aperture priority and this allows you to set your aperture, you want to go to an aperture of about f11 to give you some depth of field the camera will decide your exposure, you may need to use exposure compensation if the camera is seeing a lot of white or black.

This is a very versatile kit, you need to set you camera on a tripod as the exposure will be longer than you can hand hold, so you can shoot large items room scenes and most product photography that you need to do. We have made a video to illustrate this kit


Product Photography Kit

Product Photography

Product Photography with Supersoftbox

We have a new Product Photography kit to complement our tabletop photography kits. We have a Product Photography category where it is easy to see what we have on offer. This is a continuous lighting solution for small items and we also have some tutorial videos for product photography including jewellery you just need to click videos on the right.

It consists of a Supersoftbox kit and an 80cm Photo Light Cube, the Supersoftbox kit is used without the diffusers for this. There is also the option to have a third light which can be used to light at the front or from above and it is called Continuous Light kit with 80cm Light Cube.

The cube gives you nice soft light and helps to reduce reflections and shadows allowing you to show the maximum details of the product or item. Each head has 4 x 50w balanced daylight compact fluorescent bulbs with 5500k and a CRI of 90. Each head can be angled and comes complete with mains lead. There is a front cover with the cube that is attached using hook and eye technology, it also comes with sweeps.

The Supersoftbox kit can also be used for Video Lighting so gives multiple uses it can even be used for portrait digital photography as our video.

Go to the item in our online store Continuous Light kit with 80cm Light Cube.








We have a tutorial video showing the difference between 2 and 3 lights


3D Success with 360 Spins

360 spins product photography360 Product animation

3D Success with 360 Spins a customer has been very successful and fully utilises 360 spins on their website. Here

They purchased just the software and computerised turntable and used they their own lighting that they already had. It’s important for their customers to see all aspects of the product, they use shots from the spin to show the product off and they also use video. The 3D products are in our 3D Product Imaging category.

They have utilised a grey background to great effect to highlight the product making it stand out so that it is concentrated on the product with their 360 spins. They have used shots individually from the 360 spin in the web page and have another link that goes to the 3D spin with controls to move the image backward and forwards and also enlarge it. They host all the spins on there own site to keep it all in one place but there is also a free place to host your spins and the link to the site is generated instantly, this means you can have a spin up and running very quickly.

There is a great advantage in 3D Product Photography the whole of your product can be seen from the front to the back. The customers can spin this and control it with their mouse, they can enlarge it to see any detail, the 360 animation adds to the images that you already have and are at a low cost.


3D Product Photography to produce 360 Spins

360 spins product images360 Spins

We have a great 3D product Photography system which comprises of a turntable and software to control it, the turntable is normally called VR or Virtual Reality Turntable. The software stores the images and combines them to make the 360 spins.


360 View


The turntable is controlled by the software to allow you to set in the number of steps for your spin,this includes the ability to stop and alter things and take some shots and then carry on. Using our Continuous Lighting Softbox kits we use 2 heads to light the background and 2 lights to light the product to achieve a white infinity image.

The images can be changed and taken into Photoshop if needed but the software has its own editing suite to allow you to enhance or change the window for your shots saving the original image.

The output can be many different formats above is HTML5 these include GIF, SWF, EXE, HTML5 and ZIP files these all can be stored on a free an accessible internet platform to incorporate into websites without using bandwidth.

This is done at the touch of a button to speed up production time with the remote URL available instantly. The images can be stored on your own site and are always kept on the computer you are using, a windows operating system needs to be used in conjunction with the software.

We have several different kits with just the turntable and software for those with their own lighting up to a turnkey system which includes absolutely everything including computer and camera. This also comes with training so that you can start producing straight away.

3D Imaging System Turntable

3D imaging system with lighting Kit

3D Photo Imaging Turnkey

You can find out more information at the website www.3dphotoscan.co.uk

Here is an  overview video

Portable Light Stand

We now have a portable light stand and this is great if you are on the move and travel with your tripods, it is so small and diminutive although the large tube is 29.5mm in diameter.

So with a light stand that will go to 2 metres high yet only measures 530mm when it is folded down. We have also made a video that you can view to show you how the light stand works.

Portable Light Stand

Continuous Lighting – Video Lighting

Were here again stocks of a lot of our continuous lighting / video lighting has almost run out, we ordered in plenty of time and the new stock should be sitting in our warehouse right now. Our supplier had a problem which meant they shipped it a month late, very frustrating, finally its on the way but will not arrive until the 7th March.

We do have some other kits that are in stock, an often overlooked continuous lighting kit suitable for video lighting, product photography and small room sets is the 2 Light Studio Lighting and Umbrella continuous lighting kit now using the 125w daylight bulbs which gives out the equivalent of 500 watts of light. This kit is ideal for travel or storage as its light, compact and comes with a low cost it can also use the umbrella softboxes. We use a ceramic bulb holder with this kit which means it can take this wattage light whereas the plastic bulbholders are only suitable for a maximum of 60 watt bulbs. This kit also comes combined with slave flash units 2 Light Studio Continuous Lighting and Slave Flash Umbrella set.

Don’t forget we still have the superb Lightbank softbox kits if you need more light as they have 7 x 50 watt daylight bulbs and a 100 cm softbox.

We do have other Photography lighting the stocks of studio flash kits are good and of course lots of studio lighting accessories. We have Elinchrom fit softbox and Bowens fit softbox which are very popular also smaller 40 x 40cm softbox and 60 x 40cm softbox to fit mini studio flash units including Portasflash.

We have some good news in that we are increasing Elinchrom fit items namely beauty dishes that will have honeycomb attachments available, some fast erecting softboxes with eggcrate grids available, also available in Bowens fit. More off camera flash items are coming more of that later, its not due to arrive until April will keep you posted on exact dates later.

Small Product and Jewellery Photography

Small Product Photography

If you want to produce your own product photography images for a website or brochure then this video tutorial will stand you in good stead. It focuses on Jewellery photography but all the techniques can be applied to most product photography. This uses our smallest tabletop lighting studio kit but we have more lighting kits in our product photography category.

Gavin Hoey shows you a simple setup that can give you maximum quality, with tips and tricks to produce the best quality in camera with little to do in photoshop and this is repeatable so even if you have many products to shoot you can do it easily.

Product Photography

Tabletop Lighting Kit

June World Cup Offers

Checkout our special offers category.

These offers are for June and will run until the end of June but may be withdrawn earlier. The Lightbank Softbox 2 head continuous lighting kit suitable for video and digital is reduced by £19.00, in the backgrounds and backdrops category the black and white popup backdrop is reduced by £5.00. In the Product Photography category there is £5.00 off the small Tabletop Lighting Kit ideal if you are photographing small items. The 600Ws 2 Head Studio Flash kit is reduced by £20.00 this is now exceptional value be quick as this one is unlikely to stay until the end of June.

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