800Ws Studio Flash

We have increased our photography lighting range to include 800Ws studio flash kits, these studio flash heads are very powerful with a guide number of 88. The flash heads are robust with a metal case and fan cooling and have a digital readout showing the power settings. This model is based on our popular E400 studio flash lighting (which is also back in stock) and has the same controls and features but a lot more powerful.

Single Head 800W Studio Flash Kit

2 Head 800W Studio Flash Kit

3 Head 800w Studio Flash Kit

Portrait Photography with Continuous Lighting

Gavin Hoey explores with the use of our 3 head super softbox continuous lighting kit to take portraits and shows different effects that can be achieved. This is an alternative to studio flash for taking portraits, the main advantage is that you see what you get which is good for beginners.

It uses energy saving compact fluorescent balanced daylight bulbs which means that they produce great light and not much heat compared with redhead type tungsten lighting. Suitable for not only portrait photography but it can be used as video lighting and for product photography.

3 head super softbox kit

2 head super softbox kit

Super softbox head

Softbox Bowens s type fit or Elinchrom fit

We have a large range of softboxes ranging in size from 40 x 40cm up to 150cm octagonal softbox.

The photographic softbox has grown in popularity it is a very efficient light modifier, it is used to soften light and with the built internal reflector maximises the reflected light.

Our small softboxes 40 x 40cm, 60 x 40cm and 60 x 60cm are for small studio flash units such as our M180w flash heads, we then have 60 x 90cm and 80 x 120cm rectangular softboxes.

The other type of softbox we supply are the octagonal softboxes which will give a pleasing highlight in the subjects eyes. The octagonal sizes are 95cm, 120cm and 150cm.

These come in three versions, the first with a universal speedring that will fit many studio flash heads then the Bowens s type fit which fit all Bowens heads and heads that use this fitting like our more powerful studio flash heads which all have this fitting. The last version is the Elinchrom fitting which will fit all modern Elinchrom heads. There are some sizes of softbox which we don’t have all the softbox speedrings.


Rectangular softboxes Bowens fit and Elinchrom fit

95cm Octagonal Softboxes

120cm and 150cm Softboxes

3 Point Video Lighting Tutorial

This video adds to our photography lighting series and shows our Super Softbox 3 head Lighting for Digital and Video lighting kit in operation showing the classic 3 point lighting setup. Presented by Gavin Hoey he also includes how to shoot some other options some basic Video Lighting setups. This same lighting can be used for still photography and this kit is powerful enough for portrait photography, the same techniques can be used on any of our 3 head continuous lighting kits or our 3 head studio flash kits.

Happy New Year from smick.co.uk

We would like to wish every visitor to our site a happy new year, we are a specialist in Photography Lighting we have an extensive range and will be adding to it in 2010, we are the preferred supplier to many companies and institutions see our thank you page.

Our range of Studio Lighting Equipment starts with Studio Flash heads and Studio Flash Kits from 180Ws to 600Ws this will increase when we introduce a powerful 800Ws unit based on our popular 400Ws Studio Flash back in stock in February. We will also be increasing our range in 2010 of Continuous Lighting Heads and Continuous Lighting Kits and also our Product Photography range, Video Lighting or DV Lighting we have a large range from the traditional Redhead Lighting to our very popular Softbox Lighting Kits which use cool light compact fluorescent lighting and bulbs.

Not forgetting our Studio Accessories which range from Studio Flash Softboxes and umbrellas, we have Barn Doors, Snoots, Wireless triggers, lightstands Photo Light Cubes. Every Studio photographer needs a backdrop which we have a range of 100% cotton muslin backdrops including Chroma Key Green and Chroma key Blue. We are extending our range of Popup backdrops with Chroma Key Green and also a double sided version with black one side and white the other, these will be arriving in February.

Of course if you have a backdrop you need a Background Support which we now have 4 different models to suit everyone or you can just buty the crosspoles if you already have the lightstands or want to mount directly to a wall.

Don’t forget to look in our Special Offer category for even more bargains.


Studio Flash 300w and 600w

Our SD series of studio flash heads and studio flash kits are back in stock, the 300Ws flash and the 600Ws flash heads operate in exactly the same way it just the light output is different. Here we have a video presented by Gavin Hoey with an overview of all the functions.

Single head studio flash lighting

Twin head studio flash lighting

Three head studio flash lighting

Studio Flash Lighting Setup

studiosetup18Here is another excellent studio flash lighting setup from studioxil, the clear concise details they give of the setup shows you where to put your flash heads, this setup has 3 flash heads one with a snoot, one with a large softbox and one with just a reflector. Studio setup

Use this link to see our 3 head studio flash kits

All our studio flash lighting

Studio Flash Lighting Kits

studio flash 300wsWe now have back in stock the 300ws studio flash lighting kits and 600ws studio flash kits, solid and reliable we have been stocking these for a while. We have a number of professional users and the feedback we get from them is that they love them, with fast recycling times and robust to take the treatment of a professional studio. The 300ws studio flash kit is ideal for the enthusiast with a Bowens fit s-type bayonet fit speed ring, this means that they will take all the Bowens fit light modifiers like snoots, beauty dish or a variety of softboxes, we also haveĀ  barn doors that fit to the front of the reflector they come with coloured gels to get you some different studio lighting effects.

Single head studio flash

Two head studio flash

Three head studio flash