Studio Flash Softbox Offer

Up until the end of August we have some great offers on our studio Flash softboxes up to 15% off selected boxes. All our softboxes have an inner and outer diffuser.

60 x 80cm softbox available in Bowens and Elinchrom has 15% off

80 x 120cm softbox available in Bowens or Elinchrom fit has 10% off.

80 x 80cm folding softbox available in Bowens or Elinchrom fit has 10% off.

80 x 120cm Ezy up softbox including a removable grid available in Bowens or Elinchrom fit has 10% off.

Octagonal 150cm softbox available in Bowens or Elinchrom fit has 10% off.

Octagonal 120cm Octagonal Ezy up softbox including removable grid available in Bowens or Elinchrom fit has 10% off.

Check out our special offers category.

We have a great video showing how to get some great results from an octagonal softbox the 120cm Softbox Portrait Lighting Tutorial

Strobe Softbox Mark II

We now have an update of our strobe softbox.

It now has a much sturdier metal bracket which has replaced the ball head and will take the heaviest of speedlights without a problem.  It has an adjustable flash shoe which enables it to fit larger flash shoes like some Nikon speedlights and adjusts with a thumbscrew to avoid damage to the shoe, the bottom part of this is plastic to avoid any shorting on the speedlight. Like the mark I it fits to a standard lighting spigot but it now also comes with an adapter so that it will attach to a tripod with either 1/4 or 3/8th thread.

Stobe Softbox

Strobe Accessories


Portrait Tutorial using Continuous Lighting

In this tutorial Gavin Hoey explores the use of shallow depth of field to shoot atmospheric portraits in the studio using continuous lighting. He’s using one of our Lightbank Softbox lighting units with daylight bulbs and explains just how you can achieve the same with examples along the way.

Along with the Lightbank Softbox is the sister unit Lightbank 350 that has the same power but with barn doors and a front diffuser. We have a whole range of continuous lighting not only for digital photography but also for video lighting.

In this video Gavin is also using the multi purpose boom arm.

Studio Flash Portrait Lighting

Take one of our 400ws studio flash heads and a 120cm octagonal softbox, we also sell 150cm octagonal softboxes and see how you can achieve a soft wrap around light by following this delightful video anyone can achieve. In the video tutorial the versatility you can get with just a simple set up, add another flash head and using the large softbox as a backdrop achieve a pure white background, this is similar to how Lastolite use their background light boxes. Gavin Hoey presents this in a simple to understand manner without much jargon.

120cm Softbox Portrait Lighting Tutorial

In the E series studio flash heads and studio flash kits we have two power model 400Ws and 800Ws strobes both these have the same function and there is also an overview video.

E series overview video

We also have our popular SD series studio flash heads and studio flash kits there are two model 300Ws and 600Ws again the functions are identical on both these models and there is an overview video.

SD series overview video

Lightbank Softbox Special

The Lightbank Softbox is a very powerful lighting system ideal for video lighting and still digital photography. It uses 7 x 50w energy efficient daylight bulbs that emit 4 x the amount of light that a normal bulb gives off, they are relatively cool unlike tungsten halogen lighting that get very hot. Another advantage over the tungsten halogen lighting is the colour temperature our daylight bulbs are 5400k and can be used in conjunction with natural light we have a video showing exactly that. Lightbank Softbox Lighting

With switches on the back the light output can adjusted allowing any combination of from 1 bulb to 7 bulbs, the large softbox can be used with or without its diffuser, with the diffuser gives a very flattering soft light.

This is why we say this is and alternative to redhead lighting and the 2 head kit is now on special until 30th December we have made it the same price as the lightbank 350 which is a great saving.

Lightbank Softbox

Slave Flash Lighting

The mains powered slave flash unit can be overlooked but they are an excellent addition to your studio lighting kit, it has a test button and a sync outlet and comes complete with a sync cable. The word slave means they they are triggered by any other flash unit so can be used with other studio flash or camera flash units.

They are very cost effective and can be used with umbrellas and softboxes. Lets take our 45Ws slave flash unit with the ceramic bulbholder, the slave unit screws in to the bulb holder and then the bulbholder fits onto a lightstand, the bulb holder accepts umbrellas or an umbrella softbox. We have slave flash kits which can be used for portraits a really good way to into studio photography, although they don’t have the versatility of a full blown studio flash lighting kit you can still get some fantastic results and ideal if you don’t have too much space.

It can also be used as an extra light to add light to an area by a bit of DIY using some card make a snoot for it or used in our 26cm light head to give a wider beam of light, also ideal for the strobist to add extra flash heads at a fraction of the cost of a speedlight.

45Ws Slave Flash

Ceramic Bulbholder

Bulb Holder and 45Ws Slave flash

Slave flash Kits

Super Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

For a limited period we are giving away an 80cm gold – silver reflector on purchases of our Super Softbox 3 head Lighting for Digital and Video SS70503 lighting kit. This continuous lighting kit has 2 70 x 50 cm softboxes that contain 4 x 50w daylight bulbs 5400k and one 45 x 45 cm softbox that has 3 x 50w daylight bulbs 5400k.

An ideal photography lighting setup great for video lighting and great for digital photography, the advantages of using compact fluorescent daylight bulbs is they give off little heat compared with their light output. It is easy to setup and we have a video by Gavin Hoey with an overview of the supersoftbox,  not only that we have two more video one a three point lighting tutorial and one using it for portrait photography.

Super Softbox 3 head Lighting for Digital and Video

Overview of the supersoftbox

Three point lighting tutorial

Portrait photography tutorial

Available until 21st September

Studio Flash E400 and E800

We are very pleased to present this video which compares 2 powerful quality professional studio flash heads and thanks to Gavin Hoey who runs through the functions, explains them in a straight forward and easy to understand manner. The 400Ws E400 and the 800ws E800 fall between our SD studio flash heads 300Ws and 600Ws, if your in the market for photography lighting and specifically studio flash lighting then have a look at this video we also have a video overview of the SD range.

Don’t forget our entry level systems, slave flash kits and digital 180Ws flash kits, with prices for all budgets.

Studio Flash Lighting Kits

Single head studio flash kits

Two head Studio flash kits

Three head studio flash kit

Portrait Lighting Tutorial using 120cm Softbox

This new video tutorial shows how to use a studio flash head with 120cm octagonal softbox as a single light source for portrait photography, presented by Gavin Hoey he explains in simple straightforward terms exactly how the softbox works it works. Showing how the soft light from the softbox wraps around the subject giving a natural effect. It also shows how to use it as an illuminated background to give a pure white background.

Octagonal 120cm or 150cm Professional Softbox

Photography Lighting Videos

If you have not seen them already we have some tutorial and overview videos of our photography lighting including Studio Flash, continuous lighting and video lighting. The videos are produced by Gavin Hoey who does a great job and you should look at his site and you will learn a lot.

We hope to continue the videos approx one every month maybe more, it depends if we can twist Gavin arm to do more.

If you look over to the right hand side of this page the videos are there.