Photoshop CS5 Puppet Warp

I have just been looking at the new features in the new edition of Photoshop CS5 which will be available in a few weeks in the UK and I am astounded by the new features that expand the use of photoshop to a new level.

Puppet warp feature is one of them, it has blown me away at how the image can be manipulated and altered with ease that was not possible to do this easily before. I was not thinking of upgrading but this is such a big step forward that I think it will be essential. Take a look at this video from youtube it shows just what can be done with puppet warp.

Totally Raw


More and more people these days are using RAW files from their camera as its much more versatile than JPEG’s, you can then work with them in adobe camera raw before transferring it to Photoshop.  A new DVD is out which goes through all the major functions.

Produced by Gavin Hoey this is what he says about it “If you’re new to Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) or current user looking to gain a more in depth understanding of ACR, then you’ll love this DVD. I take you through each and every tab and all the major tools, showing exactly what they do and explaining why I use them or avoid them.”

Totally Raw DVD