3D Product Photography to produce 360 Spins

360 spins product images360 Spins

We have a great 3D product Photography system which comprises of a turntable and software to control it, the turntable is normally called VR or Virtual Reality Turntable. The software stores the images and combines them to make the 360 spins.


360 View


The turntable is controlled by the software to allow you to set in the number of steps for your spin,this includes the ability to stop and alter things and take some shots and then carry on. Using our Continuous Lighting Softbox kits we use 2 heads to light the background and 2 lights to light the product to achieve a white infinity image.

The images can be changed and taken into Photoshop if needed but the software has its own editing suite to allow you to enhance or change the window for your shots saving the original image.

The output can be many different formats above is HTML5 these include GIF, SWF, EXE, HTML5 and ZIP files these all can be stored on a free an accessible internet platform to incorporate into websites without using bandwidth.

This is done at the touch of a button to speed up production time with the remote URL available instantly. The images can be stored on your own site and are always kept on the computer you are using, a windows operating system needs to be used in conjunction with the software.

We have several different kits with just the turntable and software for those with their own lighting up to a turnkey system which includes absolutely everything including computer and camera. This also comes with training so that you can start producing straight away.

3D Imaging System Turntable

3D imaging system with lighting Kit

3D Photo Imaging Turnkey

You can find out more information at the website www.3dphotoscan.co.uk

Here is an  overview video

Easter Special Offers

We have some offers now in our Special Offers category which will run over Easter until 5th April.

The 109cm umbrellas are the same price as the 91cm umbrellas a great saving.



The umbrella softbox acts just like a shoot through umbrella with the added benefit that there is no light spill and all the light is contained. So easy to put up and take down this little gem will travel with you everywhere.


Bowens fit Spill Kill this will fit to ant Bowens S-type fit flash head and now a really good price.



Bowens Fit Snoot with Honeycomb this will fit any S-type fit device and will narrow the light down and comes with the added honeycomb gels can also be inserted and held in with the cap with or without the honeycomb.


150cm x 200cm Gold Silver Reflector this is a very large reflector and can be used in the studio and out will reflect loads of light.



DSLR video Rod Clamp will fit any standard 15mm bar rig.

Focus on Imaging why we were not there

20130306-195923.jpgWe had a day up at Focus on Imaging in Birmingham and didn’t realise how much photographic equipment there was. A lot of people took their cameras to take shots of models provided and you could try all the latest cameras.

There were lots of Brand owners, Distributors and Retailers, the stand space does not come cheap, once you take the 4 days of the show, a day to put up and take down it is difficult to make it pay for itself. Of course it gets your name known widely but we do it a different way.

Early on we decided to cut out all those people who have mark ups, the Brand owners and the distributors. We own our own Brand Micansu, we choose the items and we distribute them so there is no extra steps which costs money. We choose on the basis of quality first, get the best we can and then look at the price so we try and make sure that items are as good but hopefully better than you can get elsewhere.

We started back in 2005 So how do we get orders? Well we rely on customers who have a good experience and come back to buy more. They in turn will recommend others and with Google gives us a great following.

So don’t expect to see us at a show and you’ll be lucky to see an advert.

Photokina my impression

Photokina over for another 2 years, it was a really good show and it was good to meet some existing suppliers and make some new ones some exciting new product lines which are due for early next year. I also met Mark Cleghorn of Photography training 4 U and Mat from thatnikonguy walking around the exhibition which I find amazing considering the amount of people who attend the exhibition.

Of course Photokina  is where all the new products are launched and as a Canon shooter it was good to play with all the latest models including the 6D it feels like a cut down version of the 5D MKIII but I am keen to see results and reviews but my gut feeling I would go the 5D way. They have a gallery set up and you can play with all their monster lenses.


This is the second exhibition where in the main square at the exhibition centre they fly birds of prey, well different types of eagle in fact and there are some opportunities to photograph them here is my slow shutter speed effort.




On some stands they have models and on the Panasonic stand I found this model, they have a well lit scene so no need for flash and the model will interact with each photographer which means you can get some nice grab shots.








You will also see a lot of good photography with many galleries of pictures around the exhibition you will also find other photographic accessories but this 2 seater will be too much for most.



Cologne where Photokina is held is a really nice city to walk around they have a really good transport system and the bonus is with your ticket to the exhibition comes free local travel so it is well worth a visit but very busy when there is an exhibition on, so see you next time in 2014.