July Specials

Here are 3 special offers running until 24 July which is the week before the Olympics start.

Two head 300Ws studio flash kit a solid and powerful studio flash heads which can take Bowens fit light modifiers and accessories is a very versatile flash lighting kit suitable for many applications such as portrait photography, event photography, product photography and much more. Take a look at our overview video showing the features of the flash heads.

Studio Flash SD series Overview

We have £40.00 off this kit 300W 2 Head Studio Flash kit

Large Professional Heavy Duty Lighting Boom If your after a super sturdy boom arm kit this one will last for many years, you can control the head from the wheel at the back and it will hold an amazing 8 Kilo. This has 25% off which is £66.00.


Large Professional Heavy Duty Lighting Boom




Large 100 x 150cm 5 in 1 reflector with 20% off







The Great Softbox Sale

This is our great photographic softbox sale for studio flash softboxes with Porta flash fit, Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit, we have sizes that range from 40 x 40cm for the MK180 our 180ws flash heads to the 150cm octagonal softbox with Bowens and Elinchrom fit. We also have the speedlite and strobist softboxes.


The 40 x 40cm Softbox and the60 x 40cm softbox that fits to our MK180 flash head and will also fit small form flash heads with a diameter of 95mm with 25% off.

40 x 40cm softbox

60 x 40cm softbox

The 60 x 80cm and 80 x 120cm rectangular studio flash softboxes with a choice of Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit with 20% off.

60 x 80cm Softbox

80 x 120cm Softbox

The 150cm octagonal studio flash softbox with the choice of Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit 20% off.

150cm Octagonal Softbox




Our Ezy up softboxes work just like an umbrella so they can be erected and taken down in seconds, 80 x 120cm Ezy up Softbox and 120cm octagonal Ezy up softbox again with a choice of Bowens or Elinchrom fit have 15% off.

80 x 120cm Ezy up Softbox

120cm Ezy up Octagonal Softbox

80 x 80cm Portable Softbox with a choice of Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit with 15% off

80 x 80cm Portable Softbox

Speedlite Ezy up Softbox for off camera flash with 20% off previous price.

Speedlite Ezy up Softbox



Strobe softbox for off camera flash with 10% off

Strobe Softbox

Supersoftbox 5 Continuous and video lighting

The Supersoftbox 5 is our most powerful continuous lighting / video lighting that we have and is probably the highest power of its type on the market.

Using 5 x 105w compact fluorescent daylight balanced bulbs at 5400k in each head which gives out the equivalent of 420w of a normal household bulb, the way this is calculated is to multiply the starting wattage by 4 and this would apply to all of this type of bulb. Some companies will multiply the wattage by 5 times which makes it look like there equipment gives more power than it really does, so find out the wattage of the bulbs they are using and do your own calculation, some of these companies are not small ones either.

In the Supersoftbox 5 kits go up to a three headed kit, the 2 head kit and 3 head kits are suitable for full length portraits and for video lighting quite a big scene, on the back is 2 switches to allow 3 bulbs to be lit or 2 bulbs to be lit, the will also work with not all the bulbs in place.

We have produced a video overview of the Supersoftbox 5



Supersoftbox 5 single head kit

Supersoftbox 5 2 head kit

Supersoftbox 5 3 head kit

We also have our very popular 3 headed Supersoftbox Kit


Mad as a March Hare

We have gone a bit mad and have some amazing offers for March while stocks last.

Chroma key Blue muslin backdrops at Half the base priceChroma key Blue Muslin



Large 200cm x 150cm reflector Half Price200cm x 150cm Gold Silver Reflector

Honeycomb Grid for beauty dish Half Price – Honeycomb Grid for Beauty dish

Multiclip double sided clip Half Price – Multiclip



Reflector Holding arm kit with 20% OffPro Reflector Holding Arm Kit


Multi Purpose boom arm complete with wheels for the same price without a saving of £9.00 – Multi Purpose Boom Arm



180ws 2 head beginners studio flash kit with 10% off – 180Ws Flash Lighting kit


Studio Bag Medium 25% OFF – Studio Bag Medium



Check all this out in our Special Offer Category – Special Offers


Speedlight (Strobe) softbox Mark III

We now have the mark III strobe softbox back in stock for use with a speedlite. It is an improved design with the bracket coming in just 2 pieces, just unscrew the retaining screw slip the two parts of the bracket together and the bracket is ready just need to slip the softbox on. So this means the bracket is a lot sturdier than the old one and the tilting mechanism will lock in the position you set it, this also means not only do we have the 60 x 60cm softbox but now have the option of an 80 x 80cm softbox.



Rectangular studio flash Softboxes

We have 2 sizes in our standard regular rectangular softboxes, 60 x 80cm softbox and 80 x 120cm softbox they come in two alternatives either Bowens s-type fit or Elinchrom fit.

We have now produced a video showing how to assemble them.


We also have a lot of other studio flash softboxes from small form studio flash softboxes such as the Portaflash to our Ezy up softboxes with eggcrate grid and a 150cm octagonal softbox.

Multi Purpose Boom Arm

The Multi Purpose Boom Arm has been out of stock for too long and we apologise for that but now it is back in STOCK!!

This is a very portable boom arm not only that it can be a 4 metre lightstand I can’t believe anyone needs one as big as that though. It has a softbag for the counter balance which means you dont have to cart around heavy counterbalance weights, just pop in a couple of bottled water containers filled with water, when the shoot is over just empty the water out and you have saved all that weight.

Take a look at the review video by Gavin Hoey he does not like the counterbalance bag but we do. Multi Purpose Boom Arm Video

Also back in stock is the Heavy duty Lightstand 2.8m

We also have 2 other Studio Boom arms if you want something with a fixed counterweight and also one lightweight boom arm.


Studio Flash Lighting

If your thinking of investing in some studio flash then we have some specials on offer to tempt you.

Starting with our 180Ws flash lighting kit this is a two head kit and includes 2 flash heads, 2 light stands, a 60 x 40 softbox, a white translucent umbrella and an 80cm gold/silver reflector we are going to include the Studio Bag Medium which normally sells separately for £33.99 so a great saving. This is an ideal starter kit and you can achieve lots with this setup, we also have 2 videos using this kit the first one is an overview of the kit 180W 2 head studio flash kit with Gavin Hoey doing the honours and we have a Studio Flash Lighting Tutorial also hosted by Gavin.

Next up is our 300Ws flash kit the 300W 2 Head Studio Flash kit again we have an overview video of this Studio Flash SD series Overview this kit comes with 2 300Ws flash heads, 2 light stands, 60 x 80cm softbox, umbrella of your choice, wireless trigger and a lightstand bag. Again we are also going to include the Studio Bag Medium with this. This kit will give you the power and flexibility to tackle most things and you won’t be lacking power.


If you want slightly more power then we have the  400W 2 head Flash Kit these 400Ws flash heads have digital readouts to give more accurate power settings, this kit comes with 2 400Ws flash heads, 2 lightstands. 60 x 80cm softbox, umbrella of choice and wireless trigger. There is an overview video E400 and E800 studio flash overview and a 120cm Softbox Portrait Lighting Tutorial video using this the 400Ws flash head.

With this kit we will be including the Excel Studio Lighting Bag – Case.

When ordering do not include a bag the bag we are including will come automatically as part of the kit.

Bowens fit Speedlight bracket

We have several brackets in our strobe category, this one is the Strobe speedlight adapter Bowens fit T Mount bracket that allows you to mount your speedlight and attach Bowens fit accessories we also have a Strobe speedlight adapter Bowens fit L Mount bracket. We have produced an overview video of the T mount bracket to show you close up how it works.


We also now have a video made by Gavin Hoey showing the Strobe speedlight adapter Bowens fit T Mount and Beauty dish it includes a tutorial using the adapter to photograph objects in water.


Studio Lighting Bag / Case Autumn offer

We have new studio lighting arriving soon and as bags and cases take up a lot of space we are offering them at reduced prices to clear some space in our warehouse.

If you have any studio lighting whether it be studio flash or video lighting you will need somewhere to store it and you may need to take it to different locations. Well the answer is a bag or case, this keeps it all in one place and is easily transported.

We have quite a range of studio lighting bags and cases all different shapes and sizes some big some small in fact we have something to fit everyone’s needs. Starting with a Large Stand Bag, this will take up to three stands up to 105cm long it opens along its length and at one end with three pockets to slide the stands into.

The next bag is a general studio bag it has velcro dividers so you can have just a open space or use the dividers to configure it for your needs,  Studio Bag Medium.

Slightly larger again with dividers and plenty of padding the Studio Bigbag

Next up is our Wheely bags one smaller Studio Lighting Wheely Bag – Case this comes with wheels a pull out handle a side pocket and a top opening for stands,  then one very large, Very Large Studio Lighting Wheely Bag – Case again this has wheels a pull out handle and top opening. Both of theses have dividers that can be configured as you want.

The Excel Studio Lighting Bag – Case is a great size and shape and is also configurable inside and has 2 outside pockets this is currently the best value.

Last but not least our premium bag, Large Studio Lighting Bag – Case this although a soft case has rigid sides, reinforced corners and will take a lot of punishment. 2 front pockets one large enough to take a laptop.


Take a look at our Special Offers category.