Video Lighting for DV camera and DSLR

3 head video lightingVideo Lighting kit Supersoftbox

Supersoftbox is our best selling video lighting item and is ideal for interview and waist up type YouTube videos. Any camera can be used like a DV Camera, DSLR or Camcorder and has 4 x 50w daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs giving the equivalent out put of 800w per head.

The equivalent output is to an incandescent bulb or normal household bulb, the industry standard is to multiply the wattage of the bulb by 4 to give the approx output. Beware companies who multiply by 5 or more to make you think the output is higher, always look for the wattage of the bulb.

Constant lighting is what anyone who shoots video wants and once you have mastered your set up this can be recreated every time it gives you greater consistency.

We have some great tips on how to create your videos and if you want a white background or if you want a chroma green set up then we have some instructional videos.

White background in your video

How to Light for Chroma key

This is a versatile set up for any videographer and is a great resource to make videos giving you a standard set up. We have a 2 head Supersoftbox Lighting Kit and also a 3 head Supersoftbox Kit. If you want an overview we have a video here that will show you the Supersoftbox set up.

Super Softbox Continuous & Video Lighting Kit

If your interested in 3 point lighting then Gavin Hoey made and excellent video for us, it is very easy to understand.

Three Point Lighting Technique

If you want to go full length then we have the more powerful Lightbank Series or the Supersoftbox 5 set ups.

Chroma Key Lighting

Chroma Key PopupChroma Key Lighting

Chroma key all started in the movies with chroma key blue backdrop in the last few years green screen has now become the fashion chroma key green backdrops. It does not matter what colour you use but the colour you are using that colour should not appear in your subject.

The most important thing with chroma key is that it is well lit and evenly lit, go to our website for studio flash lighting or continuous lighting and video lighting. We have 2 videos tutorial showing how to light chroma key.

You can find our cotton muslin chroma key backdrops and studio lighting including studio flash lighting and video lighting as well as the backdrop you will also need a background support unless you use our pop up Chroma key green backdrop.

You need to care for your cotton muslin backdrop because it is cotton it creases , there are several ways of reducing creases ironing is not advised as this can give a shine to the material that you don’t want. Using a hand steamer that can be picked relatively cheaply this is one way to tackle creases, the backdrop is hung up or opened up creases will diminish the other method is to use a spray bottle and mist it with water to ease the creases out. Being cotton the large backdrops can be machine washed but should be given a fairly cool wash so that any dye will not run and tumble dry to help keep the creases out and as soon as you remove from the tumble dryer get onto the background support to minimise the creases. Its a better idea to minimise the backdrop getting dirty in the first place as washing and getting the creases becomes a bit of a task.

Portable Light Stand

We now have a portable light stand and this is great if you are on the move and travel with your tripods, it is so small and diminutive although the large tube is 29.5mm in diameter.

So with a light stand that will go to 2 metres high yet only measures 530mm when it is folded down. We have also made a video that you can view to show you how the light stand works.

Portable Light Stand

Studio Flash Kits

This time of year many people are looking to buy Studio Flash Kits, our prices are already low but to encourage them we are having a December offer.

If you check out the competition our prices on studio Lighting are already low, the main reason for this is our competitors advertise their products, there are 2 effects. The first effect on  Studio Flash and also on  Video Lighting is the cost of advertising which is added to the product which increases the price also generally they are a third party agents and yet again the price increases as the importer is  taking a cut which adds to the price.

As an importer we can cut out the middleman on all our Studio Flash and on our Studio Lighting this means lower cost to you, also they advertise so this also has to add to the products cost, so you will see competitors Studio Flash is at a lower specification but very often at a higher cost and this is the reason. We promote our Studio Lighting very little by youtube and some adwords and rely on word of mouth this is why the prices may be lower yet the specification higher.

Our offer which runs to the end of December or while stocks last can bee seen by entering the 2 kits we have on offer which is the 180Ws Studio Flash Kit which is a great starter kit and the 300Ws Studio Flash kit that has the power with a metal case and fan included.

180Ws Studio Flash Kit

300Ws Studio Flash Kit

M180W Overview video

SD300W Overview video.

How to light for Chroma key .

Checkout this video on lighting for Chroma key

Supersoft box kit

3 head Supersoftbox kit


Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit for Digital or Video

Supersoftbox 5 kit




Chromakey Green Popup




Reflector Holding Arm Kit

Background supports

Chromakey Green Muslin Backdrop

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How to get a white background in your Video

SupersoftboxWe have produced a small video showing how to get a white background in your video’s.

We used a 2 head Supersoftbox kit to light the background and a combination of another 2 head Supersoftbox kit or a single head Lightbank softbox kit. We had a background support with white cotton muslin backdrop

You need to have more light coming from the background than is coming from your subject this effectively overexposes the background while keeping your subject properly exposed. Wether your shooting with a DV Cam or DSLR you need to override the settings otherwise automatic settings will try to make the background grey.

Photokina my impression

Photokina over for another 2 years, it was a really good show and it was good to meet some existing suppliers and make some new ones some exciting new product lines which are due for early next year. I also met Mark Cleghorn of Photography training 4 U and Mat from thatnikonguy walking around the exhibition which I find amazing considering the amount of people who attend the exhibition.

Of course Photokina  is where all the new products are launched and as a Canon shooter it was good to play with all the latest models including the 6D it feels like a cut down version of the 5D MKIII but I am keen to see results and reviews but my gut feeling I would go the 5D way. They have a gallery set up and you can play with all their monster lenses.


This is the second exhibition where in the main square at the exhibition centre they fly birds of prey, well different types of eagle in fact and there are some opportunities to photograph them here is my slow shutter speed effort.




On some stands they have models and on the Panasonic stand I found this model, they have a well lit scene so no need for flash and the model will interact with each photographer which means you can get some nice grab shots.








You will also see a lot of good photography with many galleries of pictures around the exhibition you will also find other photographic accessories but this 2 seater will be too much for most.



Cologne where Photokina is held is a really nice city to walk around they have a really good transport system and the bonus is with your ticket to the exhibition comes free local travel so it is well worth a visit but very busy when there is an exhibition on, so see you next time in 2014.

Studio Flash Lighting Offers

Summer of Sport Special offers ( Offers will now finish on 15th September)

If your looking for Studio Flash lighting then we have some fantastic offers which will run until the end of August while stocks last.

Check out our overview video of these flash heads

180W 2 head studio flash kit

Studio Flash SD series Overview

Single head 180ws studio flash kit


Money off normal price – Single head 180Ws Studio Flash Kit

2 head 180ws studio flash kit


Money off normal price – 180Ws Flash Lighting kit

Single head 300Ws flash kit


Money off normal price – 300Ws Flash Kit with Softbox

2 head 300Ws flash kit with


Money off normal price – 300W 2 Head Studio Flash kit

Single head 600Ws flash kit


Money off normal price – 600Ws Studio Flash Kit with Softbox

2 head 600Ws flash kit


Money off normal price – 600Ws 2 Head Studio Flash kit


180Ws Flash head with Money off normal price – 180Ws Flash Head

300Ws Flash head with Money off normal price – 300Ws Flash head

600Ws Flash head with Money off normal price – 600Ws Flash head