Easter Special Offers

We have some offers now in our Special Offers category which will run over Easter until 5th April.

The 109cm umbrellas are the same price as the 91cm umbrellas a great saving.



The umbrella softbox acts just like a shoot through umbrella with the added benefit that there is no light spill and all the light is contained. So easy to put up and take down this little gem will travel with you everywhere.


Bowens fit Spill Kill this will fit to ant Bowens S-type fit flash head and now a really good price.



Bowens Fit Snoot with Honeycomb this will fit any S-type fit device and will narrow the light down and comes with the added honeycomb gels can also be inserted and held in with the cap with or without the honeycomb.


150cm x 200cm Gold Silver Reflector this is a very large reflector and can be used in the studio and out will reflect loads of light.



DSLR video Rod Clamp will fit any standard 15mm bar rig.

Black and White backdrop popup

We now have in stock a black and white 100% cotton muslin popup background 150 x 200cm, they are black one side and white the other. This is ideal for use around the studio as a background but actually is great if you are on the move as it packs down into its own 70cm diameter bag.

Its at home for use with studio flash or video lighting, it is also useful as a large white reflector. The black side can be used to kill light in fact acts as the reverse of a reflector.

Black White popup

Photographic Reflector

Photography reflectors  are used to add or subtract light from your subject,  they can be used for all types of photography, and it is the most versatile piece of photography lighting equipment you can have. For still photography or video, and could be used indoors or outdoors. Using the reflector outdoors will help you reduce contrast in very bright sunny conditions that tend to cast harsh shadows, reflecting light back into the shadows.

Many photographers use photographic reflectors to add the light to their subject in order to get rid of unwanted shadows and also to add some warm tones using the gold reflectors. There are many different kinds and sizes of  reflectors, but here are the basic types to keep in mind.

Silver reflectors really help to increase the specular highlights of your subject, giving an image a higher contrast a gold reflector used to introduce warm tones most used in portrait pictures.

The most versatile are the 5 in 1 reflectors which have a zip off cover giving you different reflective surfaces gold, silver, white black and diffuser. Black is not really a reflector but actually does the opposite by stop unwanted reflections in your subject. Our range go from 80cm circular reflectors up to 200 x 150 cm gold/silver reflector something for everyone.

In the studio you may need some way to support the reflector and get it in the correct position, we have reflector holding arms and reflector holding arm kits.


Reflector holding arm

Reflector holding kit

200 x 150cm Large Gold silver reflector now on special offer until the end of February