Photography Barn Doors to control light

Photography barn doorsPhotography Barn Doors

Flash Lighting Photography Barn Doors which will fit any studio flash lighting reflector if it has a rolled edge. They will fit studio flash lighting reflectors from 15cm – 22cm so that is most of them, they have adjusters that screw in and out. The other end is a spring clip that will keep the photography barn doors in place.

They are located in our Light Modifiers and Reflectors category which has a whole lot of different items. This barn doors comes with 4 gels and also a grid. With the use of the gels the light can be altered to a different colour which can be directed on your background or on your subject. The light can be directed by the use of the grid when you put this on it will direct the light and focus it to one area as without it the spill of light will cover a wider area. This will also stop flare if the camera can see the light, it can be used in conjunction with the gels.

To show it more clearly we have made a video of the flash lighting Photographic barn doors which will explain exactly how it works.

Multiclip How to use it in Photography

Smick Multiclip

Studio Flash Accessories Photographic Multiclip

The Photographic Multiclip is a great piece of kit very simple but effective and can be used with any flash lighting reflector this accessory is something everyone should have in their bag we would love to know the uses. You can use the Multiclip as a French Flag to feather light away from the areas you want or block off areas you don’t want the light to fall. The Photographic Multiclip is in the Studio Accessories Various category and the sub category along with a lot more different bit and pieces.

A Photographic Multiclip is a piece of kit that is so simple but often overlooked or not known about, this is something every photographer who uses studio flash lighting should have in their kit. There can be other uses for this device that we would like to know about, so if you have different uses for it please let us know. In the video we explore the conventional us for the Photographic Multiclip, we have many different studio accessories and for off camera flash so go to our site to have a look around the eccommerce side

To show exactly how to use it we have made a small video.


Easter Special Offers

We have some offers now in our Special Offers category which will run over Easter until 5th April.

The 109cm umbrellas are the same price as the 91cm umbrellas a great saving.



The umbrella softbox acts just like a shoot through umbrella with the added benefit that there is no light spill and all the light is contained. So easy to put up and take down this little gem will travel with you everywhere.


Bowens fit Spill Kill this will fit to ant Bowens S-type fit flash head and now a really good price.



Bowens Fit Snoot with Honeycomb this will fit any S-type fit device and will narrow the light down and comes with the added honeycomb gels can also be inserted and held in with the cap with or without the honeycomb.


150cm x 200cm Gold Silver Reflector this is a very large reflector and can be used in the studio and out will reflect loads of light.



DSLR video Rod Clamp will fit any standard 15mm bar rig.

The Great Softbox Sale

This is our great photographic softbox sale for studio flash softboxes with Porta flash fit, Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit, we have sizes that range from 40 x 40cm for the MK180 our 180ws flash heads to the 150cm octagonal softbox with Bowens and Elinchrom fit. We also have the speedlite and strobist softboxes.


The 40 x 40cm Softbox and the60 x 40cm softbox that fits to our MK180 flash head and will also fit small form flash heads with a diameter of 95mm with 25% off.

40 x 40cm softbox

60 x 40cm softbox

The 60 x 80cm and 80 x 120cm rectangular studio flash softboxes with a choice of Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit with 20% off.

60 x 80cm Softbox

80 x 120cm Softbox

The 150cm octagonal studio flash softbox with the choice of Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit 20% off.

150cm Octagonal Softbox




Our Ezy up softboxes work just like an umbrella so they can be erected and taken down in seconds, 80 x 120cm Ezy up Softbox and 120cm octagonal Ezy up softbox again with a choice of Bowens or Elinchrom fit have 15% off.

80 x 120cm Ezy up Softbox

120cm Ezy up Octagonal Softbox

80 x 80cm Portable Softbox with a choice of Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit with 15% off

80 x 80cm Portable Softbox

Speedlite Ezy up Softbox for off camera flash with 20% off previous price.

Speedlite Ezy up Softbox



Strobe softbox for off camera flash with 10% off

Strobe Softbox

Speedlight (Strobe) softbox Mark III

We now have the mark III strobe softbox back in stock for use with a speedlite. It is an improved design with the bracket coming in just 2 pieces, just unscrew the retaining screw slip the two parts of the bracket together and the bracket is ready just need to slip the softbox on. So this means the bracket is a lot sturdier than the old one and the tilting mechanism will lock in the position you set it, this also means not only do we have the 60 x 60cm softbox but now have the option of an 80 x 80cm softbox.



Bowens fit Speedlight bracket

We have several brackets in our strobe category, this one is the Strobe speedlight adapter Bowens fit T Mount bracket that allows you to mount your speedlight and attach Bowens fit accessories we also have a Strobe speedlight adapter Bowens fit L Mount bracket. We have produced an overview video of the T mount bracket to show you close up how it works.


We also now have a video made by Gavin Hoey showing the Strobe speedlight adapter Bowens fit T Mount and Beauty dish it includes a tutorial using the adapter to photograph objects in water.


Portable softbox to fit Elinchrom and Bowens

We have a portable folding softbox for studio flash heads with speedrings to fit Bowens s type fit or Elinchrom.

The great thing about these is that they pack away into a small bag and take up very little room so are very portable, unlike conventional softboxes with rods, speedring and cover to contend with and can take some time to erect very frustrating when you are in a hurry.

Take the portable folding softbox out of the bag and the softbox springs open, fit the speedring attach the diffusers and you are ready to go in a few seconds, it is just as easy and fast to pack away .

A good size 80cm x 80cm and has a detachable internal diffuser and of course an outer diffuser also removable. It can be used in conjunction with our strobist adapters so that speedlights can be used with it.

We do also have conventional softboxes and some with grids.

Up to Half Price Reductions

Following our warehouse reorganisation we have some great deals for a limited period.

Half Price – 95cm Octagonal softbox with universal speedring.

Half Price – 200cm x 150cm Gold – Silver reflector

Half Price – Sand / Gravel bags

40% off  – Large Professional Heavy Duty Lighting Boom only available mainland England Wales and Central Scotland.

30% off – 60 x 40cm Softbox to fit small form flash heads and also Portaflash

25% off – 40 x 40cm Softbox to fit small form flash heads and also Portaflash

25% off – Large studio Lighting Case / Bag

25% off – Background support poles

25% off – Large Barn Door with gels

25% off – Studio Bag Medium

25% off – Umbrella softbox

25% off – Studio Clamp

10% off Lightbank Softbox


You can see all these items in our Special Offer Category

Until the end of  July while stocks last.

Light Modifiers and Reflectors

We have a new sub category now Light Modifiers and Reflectors under Studio accessories to list all relevant items to make the studio accessories various less cluttered as we have several new light modifier products.

The first new product we have is a beauty dish with honeycomb grid the honeycomb grid and diffuser are available separately, we have 2 fittings for this the Bowens s – type fit and Elinchrom fit. Next up is an Elinchrom fit snoot with honeycomb which complements the Bowens fit Snoot. A standard reflector Bowens fit for spill kill, other items in this category are Barn Doors with gels and aim to bring more products to this category when we can.