Studio Flash Lighting

Our SD300 300Ws and SD600 600Ws, studio flash heads and kits are now back in stock. They are robust heads and very simple to operate making them a great choice for the enthusiast and the professional, we have sold these over three years now and get some glowing feedback for them. We also have the E series studio flash with the E400 400Ws and for the power hungry E800 800Ws these have added functionality over the SD series which can be seen in the overview videos.

We have single head flash kits, two head flash kits and three head flash kits.

You may wonder why our prices for our studio flash lighting is so low, we are 15% – 20% lower than most of our competitors for equivalent or lower specification heads, how do we achieve this. Well you won’t see any fancy paid for ads or reviews in the magazines, we prefer recommendations which is achieved by customer satisfaction, so we really do prefer to have these lower prices. We only accept orders via the internet as this automates the process and makes it very simple to order it saves a lot of administration overhead all helping to keep our prices down.

We have all these heads + kits and a lot more photography lighting equipment in stock for fast delivery.

SD series overview video

E series overview video

Single head flash kits

Two head flash kits

Three head flash kits

Slave Flash Lighting

The mains powered slave flash unit can be overlooked but they are an excellent addition to your studio lighting kit, it has a test button and a sync outlet and comes complete with a sync cable. The word slave means they they are triggered by any other flash unit so can be used with other studio flash or camera flash units.

They are very cost effective and can be used with umbrellas and softboxes. Lets take our 45Ws slave flash unit with the ceramic bulbholder, the slave unit screws in to the bulb holder and then the bulbholder fits onto a lightstand, the bulb holder accepts umbrellas or an umbrella softbox. We have slave flash kits which can be used for portraits a really good way to into studio photography, although they don’t have the versatility of a full blown studio flash lighting kit you can still get some fantastic results and ideal if you don’t have too much space.

It can also be used as an extra light to add light to an area by a bit of DIY using some card make a snoot for it or used in our 26cm light head to give a wider beam of light, also ideal for the strobist to add extra flash heads at a fraction of the cost of a speedlight.

45Ws Slave Flash

Ceramic Bulbholder

Bulb Holder and 45Ws Slave flash

Slave flash Kits

Photography Lighting Offers

We have some offers on some of our studio lighting and Studio lighting accessories.

Bowens Fit Beauty Dish, this is silvered and 42cm in diameter, gives great light for that classic beauty lighting. The 101cm umbrella softbox this is an alternative to the white translucent umbrella it contains the light so no light spill. A slave flash unit can be useful our 45Ws slave unit and ceramic bulbholder has a photo sensor and when a flash goes off it will trigger the slave head within a fraction of a second, the bulb holder will take an umbrella or the softbox umbrella.

600Ws 2 Head Studio Flash kit this is a powerful flash kit and a very solid performer metal casing with cooling fan take a look at the overview video Studio Flash SD series Overview, it takes Bowen s-type fit accessories so plenty of light modifiers to choose from.

Very Large Wheely Bag / Case the large wheely bag is a great size with Internal Measurements of 88 x 28 x 23 cm and because it has a handle and wheels its so easy to trasnport your photography lighting kit wether is studio flash, video lighting or continuous lighting.

Special Offers

Studio Flash E400 and E800

We are very pleased to present this video which compares 2 powerful quality professional studio flash heads and thanks to Gavin Hoey who runs through the functions, explains them in a straight forward and easy to understand manner. The 400Ws E400 and the 800ws E800 fall between our SD studio flash heads 300Ws and 600Ws, if your in the market for photography lighting and specifically studio flash lighting then have a look at this video we also have a video overview of the SD range.

Don’t forget our entry level systems, slave flash kits and digital 180Ws flash kits, with prices for all budgets.

Studio Flash Lighting Kits

Single head studio flash kits

Two head Studio flash kits

Three head studio flash kit

Strobist Softbox Tutorial

Gavin Hoey explores the use of our 60 x 60cm strobist softbox, he explains in a clear way this particular strobist technique or speedlight technique. Gavin is second to none in his photography lighting tutorials making them easy to understand  and brings his own brand of enthusiasm to it. Check out the strobist softbox and not forgetting our strobist flash bracket all in our strobist accessories category.

Strobist Softbox
Strobist Bracket
Strobist Accessories

Happy New Year from

We would like to wish every visitor to our site a happy new year, we are a specialist in Photography Lighting we have an extensive range and will be adding to it in 2010, we are the preferred supplier to many companies and institutions see our thank you page.

Our range of Studio Lighting Equipment starts with Studio Flash heads and Studio Flash Kits from 180Ws to 600Ws this will increase when we introduce a powerful 800Ws unit based on our popular 400Ws Studio Flash back in stock in February. We will also be increasing our range in 2010 of Continuous Lighting Heads and Continuous Lighting Kits and also our Product Photography range, Video Lighting or DV Lighting we have a large range from the traditional Redhead Lighting to our very popular Softbox Lighting Kits which use cool light compact fluorescent lighting and bulbs.

Not forgetting our Studio Accessories which range from Studio Flash Softboxes and umbrellas, we have Barn Doors, Snoots, Wireless triggers, lightstands Photo Light Cubes. Every Studio photographer needs a backdrop which we have a range of 100% cotton muslin backdrops including Chroma Key Green and Chroma key Blue. We are extending our range of Popup backdrops with Chroma Key Green and also a double sided version with black one side and white the other, these will be arriving in February.

Of course if you have a backdrop you need a Background Support which we now have 4 different models to suit everyone or you can just buty the crosspoles if you already have the lightstands or want to mount directly to a wall.

Don’t forget to look in our Special Offer category for even more bargains.


Studio Flash Lighting Setup

Studio lighting Setup

For all you studio flash or flashers we have found this website showing a studio flash lighting equipment setup, if you have a studio kit with three heads you can emulate this. Very clear diagram on how to position your backdrop, studio flash heads with softbox and your model. This even shows make up used I hope this guy continues with these photography lighting setups there are 11 in total so far. Studio setup

If you want to invest in your own 3 head studio flash lighting have a look here. 3 head studio flash kit

Photography Lighting

video lightingIts always good to get feedback so we are over the moon with this comment.

“Just received your High Power Continuos Softbox kit.

I’m totally knocked out! Brilliant! I’ve been using Dedolites and softboxes at 7 times the price. Ok – the lights aren’t continuosly variable but wow! Love em!
Will buy from you again.¬†¬† Thanks – John”

If you are interested in video lighting or continuous lighting then we have quite a big range in our photography lighting sections, if want still digital equipment then our studio flash lighting range is growing all the time. The prices at the moment are exceptionally low and we will try to keep the prices as low as we can but the pressure is always there and inevitably they will not be cheaper than they are at the moment.

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