DSLR Video Slider 80cm and 120cm

Video sliderVideo Slider

We have two DSLR Video slider one is 80cm and the other is 120cm in length, both are made from high quality aluminum with sealed bearings.

They both have the same features and can extend legs for tabletop or floor mounted projects but it also has a plate on the bottom. This plate has a female 3/8th hole and four 1/4″ threaded holes. These are photographic industry standards so it can be attached to tripods and heads without worry. The slider has a bubble level to get things level if required and has four sealed bearing to make a very smooth slide, it also has a 3/8th male thread for the attachment of a head. On the front of the slider is a toggle this will lock the head in position and can be tightened to restrict the slide. They both come in zipped bags.

If a tripod head is fitted then the slider can go in any orientation vertically or at an angle.

These are at a very cost effective price at the moment well below the Recommended retail prices. DSLR Video slider


We have made a video so you can see the exact operation of the slider and have also included some samples, I think you can do better.

Video, DV & Phone Stabiliser

This is the first of our Video Stabilisers and it will take up to 1.2kg our second stabiliser is coming soon and will take up to 3kg in weight, if you want a steadycam then this is a low cost option.

A phone up to 60mm in width and any length will do a Camcorder DV Camera or DSLR. This will stabilise your shots and it will give much better results than hand holding. We have an overview video to show you what the stabiliser does.

Video Lighting for DV camera and DSLR

3 head video lightingVideo Lighting kit Supersoftbox

Supersoftbox is our best selling video lighting item and is ideal for interview and waist up type YouTube videos. Any camera can be used like a DV Camera, DSLR or Camcorder and has 4 x 50w daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs giving the equivalent out put of 800w per head.

The equivalent output is to an incandescent bulb or normal household bulb, the industry standard is to multiply the wattage of the bulb by 4 to give the approx output. Beware companies who multiply by 5 or more to make you think the output is higher, always look for the wattage of the bulb.

Constant lighting is what anyone who shoots video wants and once you have mastered your set up this can be recreated every time it gives you greater consistency.

We have some great tips on how to create your videos and if you want a white background or if you want a chroma green set up then we have some instructional videos.

White background in your video

How to Light for Chroma key

This is a versatile set up for any videographer and is a great resource to make videos giving you a standard set up. We have a 2 head Supersoftbox Lighting Kit and also a 3 head Supersoftbox Kit. If you want an overview we have a video here that will show you the Supersoftbox set up.

Super Softbox Continuous & Video Lighting Kit

If your interested in 3 point lighting then Gavin Hoey made and excellent video for us, it is very easy to understand.

Three Point Lighting Technique

If you want to go full length then we have the more powerful Lightbank Series or the Supersoftbox 5 set ups.

Low Cost DSLR Video Rigs

We have a great range of DSLR video rigs that use the standard 15mm rods for there construction and we have a good range of accessories for them. If you are just starting out or even more experienced we have a very low cost solution.

The shoulder support video rig is an all in one wonder which allows the rig to be supported by the shoulder and a chest strap. It has a swing out arm with a cold shoe so that you can attach a light, monitor or microphone and will go either side. Another feature is it can sit on a lightstand either level or the ability to angle, we give you an adapter to allow this to fit on any tripod.


Shoulder Rig

Video Grip

We have made a video to show its versatility.

DSLR Video Rigs and accessories

DSLR Video Accessories

We have extended our range into DSLR Video and we have 3 new categories, DSLR Rigs, Camera Grip, Stabilisers all under the Video and DSLR category. Video DSLR is up coming and if you have tried it you can see why, there is a whole range of items to get that special effect. With DSLR Video you now get excellent quality video and you have the ability for differential focus that film makers love.

DSLR Video Rig 01DSLR Video Rig 0011DSLR Video rig 02So we have 3 new DSLR Rigs priced for any pocket, all of these rigs are highly versatile and can be used in different ways we have some instructional videos which appear on the product description pages.

Followfocus with lens beltThe Follow Focus units are in the DSLR Rigs category and we have one unit that can fix directly to the camera without a rig. It has an angled bracket that fits directly to the tripod bush on the camera. Of course the Follow Focus units all come with a lensbelt, this attaches around the lens and is very easy to do, this gives the lens a gear that will slot into the Follow Focus unit.DSLR Video Slider

Folding Tripod DollyAlong with the DSLR Video rigs we have the Camera Grip sub category that has all the bits and pieces for DSLR Video. Like the Tripod Dolly that will fit to any tripod or light stand with a 915mm diameter. The Video Slider Dolly which we have 80cm and 120cm versions they can be really useful to get those tracking shots .


Small 7" magic armWe have some Magic Arms which are extremely versatile and there is a video showing how they work, these items are invaluable and can be attached to many items.



Carbon Fibre Steadycam stabiliserLoad Vest for steadycam


Stabilisers are in another category and we only have the Steadycam Stabiliser and the Stabiliser Vest at the moment but another 2 smaller Stabilisers are going to follow in February.


There are lots more items to choose from in these categories.

Video and DSLR


Camera Grip