Continuous Digital and Video Lighting

sofbox3headnewOur softbox continuous studio lighting kits are available again in 3 sizes 60 x 40cm, 70 x 50cm and 55cm octagonal, these are great lights for digital lighting , video lighting and Product Photography. Take a look at the video they are featured in,

We also have some new more robust softbox lighting kits we call these super softbox, they are 45 x 45cm or 50 x 70cm and can be used with or without the softboxes and will also accept umbrellas so this makes them very versatile. The 45 x 45cm comes with 3 x 50 watt Balanced daylight bulbs with switches on the back to allow one bulb or two bulbs to be switched off and the 70 x 50cm comes with 4 x 50 watt Balanced daylight bulbs and they can be switched to half power on the back.

Tabletop Lighting

Exploring product photography presented by Gavin Hoey how to get the best results using the high power tabletop lighting kit with 26cm reflectors. How to compensate for light backgrounds and black backgrounds, the same principles apply to all our  studio tabletop lighting kits.

Product Photography

Tabletop Lighting Kits

Tabletop Lighting Kit with 26cm reflectors used in the video

Product Photography

Tabletop Lighting KitWe have a number of kits in our photography lighting range that are designed for product photography so we have created a category for them. Using balanced daylight bulbs with a colour temperature of 5400k – 5600k which is perfect for digital photography, the bulbs are compact fluorescent bulbs or cfl and are energy efficient. The bulbs give out more light than heat so are classed as cool lights and with a CRI or Ra of 90 which is the colour rendition index gives accurate rendereing of colours. The bulbs we have are 40w, 50w, 105w and 125w they are all edison screw fit E27 which is the standard screw fit bulb.

The small tabletop lighting kits are ideal for small items such as jewellery up to larger items we also have floor standing kits that can photograph much larger items and photo light cubes 30cm, 50cm, 80cm, 120cm  up to a massive 150cm. With the free standing kits its possible to photograph large furniture items including room settings, the lightbank 350 is so powerful you can also shoot people and get sensible exposures. The trilight lighting kit is a good choice as it can be used on its own it comes with a diffuser cover that fits over the reflector and it can be used with umbrellas to give a much wider area of light using either the silver umbrella  for maximum light or white shoot through for softer light.

Find our new category here Product Photography

Photo light cubes

Balanced Daylight Bulbs

Chroma key green screen lighting tutorial

This video is next in the series produced for us by Gavin Hoey of It gives you an insight into using a green screen or blue screen to change the background of your picture or video.

The items featured in the video are popup green screen, chroma key cotton muslin backdrops which we have in blue and in green and in a range of sizes, also the high power softbox continuous lighting kit and the lightbank 350 switchable cool light.

Checkout these links for all our continuous lighting kits or video lighting kits, we also have continuous lighting heads.

Redhead Lighting

redhead lightingSave money with our 3 head Redhead lighting kit, this continuous lighting is suitable for video work and digital photography. They use 800w halogen bulbs and have a colour temperature of 3200k, a solid piece of kit designed to last. We are giving away our bigbag studio lighting bag which is a saving of £30.00 for a limited period, so if your thinking of buying this type of continuous lighting then there is no better time. Just select the bigbag in the drop down option box when ordering.

Redhead Lighting

We no longer sell Redheads but we do modern equivalents Continuous Lighting

Trilight Video Lighting Kit

Trilight Continuous Lighting KitWe have the Trilight video lighting kit on special offer for a limited period, it uses 3 – 50 watt balanced daylight bulbs in each head, these are compact fluorescent bulbs with a colour temperature of 5400k to give great daylight light. The kit comes with umbrellas which help to give this kit a large coverage, each bulb is switched on the back so you can select the power you require.

Back in Stock

trilightWe have a lot of Photography Lighting Equipment items back in stock and also some new items.

The Two Light Trilite kit is back in stock, this is a versatile video lighting kit using 3 x 50 watt balanced daylight bulbs, each bulb is switched and the unit can take an umbrella. Also in stock is the small Tabletop Lighting Kit great for product photography for the smaller items.

Large Barn Doors with gels these will fit to any flash head that has a standard spill kill reflector and we still have plenty Bowens fit snoots.

Photo Light Cubes now in 150cm, 120cm, 80cm and 50cm give really softlight including soft shadows, if you are shooting highly reflective objects a cover with a shoot through slit to help minimise reflections.

Balanced daylight bulbs in 40w, 50w and 105w these bulbs are compact fluorescent bulbs with a colour temperature of 5400k – 5500k and a CRI of 90 for excellent colour rendition.

Redhead Lighting

redhead lightingIn Photography Lighting the redhead is and has been an industry standard for continuous lighting and is classed as a hot light as it uses an 800w halogen bulbs.

With a colour temperature of 3200k which is too the warm end of the spectrum, there are several ways to correct this. Most Digital video or digital still camera has a white balance setting which allows you to change the colour temperature in camera. The alternative to this is to put gel filters over the the light to change the colour temperature and there are several specialist companies that sell these.

On the rear of the units there is a control that moves the internal reflector in and out this gives the light a narrower or wider beam and with the barn doors gives you another way of controlling the light. With our redhead ligthing kits we are giving away 2 sand/gravel bags with each head until the end of October.

Single head Redhead Kit

Twin head Rehead Kit

Three head Redhead Kit

Continuous Studio Lighting

Photography LightingYou may want a continuous lighting studio for various reasons of course if you are taking video then video lighting is continuous lighting, so it is essential but for a still photographer it is still an option. So what are the advantages and disdvantages over having continuous lighting equipment over studio flash lighting.

One disadvantage has always been the heat produced by continuous lighting kits and we still do the tradtional redhead lighting that is 3200k and each head produces 800 watts of heat so get 2 or 3 heads in a studio and things can get pretty hot. Now you can have cool lighting which means that with the use of balanced daylight compact fluorescent bulbs which are energy efficient and produce up to 5 x the light of a normal bulb for the amount of heat given out. We do a whole range of cool light video lighting and continuous lighting kits.

With some of our very powerful continuous lighting kits it possible to shoot small groups, the advantage being you can see exactly how the light falls on your subject. Whatever your Photography Lighting requirements are you can contact us for the best studio equipment to suit your needs.

Single head Quad Kit

Quad light kitWe have added to our continuos lighting category and our video lighting category this single head quad kit. We have included an 80 cm reflector, gold on one side for those warm tones and silver on reverse for maximum reflection, suitable for DV and video or still digital photography. The unit has four 40w balanced daylight compact fluorescent bulbs that have a colour temperature of 5400k to give superb daylight light, it has a diffuser that fits over the reflector to give even softer light. single head quad kit

We are constantly updating our photography lighting to bring you the best and latest studio lighting equipment