Chroma key green screen lighting tutorial

This video is next in the series produced for us by Gavin Hoey of It gives you an insight into using a green screen or blue screen to change the background of your picture or video.

The items featured in the video are popup green screen, chroma key cotton muslin backdrops which we have in blue and in green and in a range of sizes, also the high power softbox continuous lighting kit and the lightbank 350 switchable cool light.

Checkout these links for all our continuous lighting kits or video lighting kits, we also have continuous lighting heads.

Chroma key Blue Cotton Muslin Backdrop

chromakey blue backdropOur chroma key blue photography l;ighting backdrops are now on special for September, if you are using studio flash lighting, video lighting or continuous lighting equipment then a chroma key backdrop opens up untold possibilities.

For still digital photographers it allows you to change the background easily using photoshop or another image editing program and dropping in any other background. For any sort of DV or video filming it also allows you using software to insert another scene in place of the background, so a scene filmed elsewhere can be inserted into your studio clips where lighting and sound can be controlled.

This is great addition to your studio kit, Blue Chroma key backdrop special

Chromakey Green Backdrop

chromakey popupFast portable our large chromakey green background popup, this is suitable for studio flash lighting and for video lighting.

It measures 150cm x 200cm so quite big but folds down to a 60cm and fits in its own bag, when open stretches the fabric across the frame to get rid of most of the creases. This ideal if you want to add different backgrounds in your studio flash shots, daylight shots and for digital video lighting.  This would be a great additin to your studio lighting equipment. More about the chromakey green pop up…