July Specials

Here are 3 special offers running until 24 July which is the week before the Olympics start.

Two head 300Ws studio flash kit a solid and powerful studio flash heads which can take Bowens fit light modifiers and accessories is a very versatile flash lighting kit suitable for many applications such as portrait photography, event photography, product photography and much more. Take a look at our overview video showing the features of the flash heads.

Studio Flash SD series Overview

We have £40.00 off this kit 300W 2 Head Studio Flash kit

Large Professional Heavy Duty Lighting Boom If your after a super sturdy boom arm kit this one will last for many years, you can control the head from the wheel at the back and it will hold an amazing 8 Kilo. This has 25% off which is £66.00.


Large Professional Heavy Duty Lighting Boom




Large 100 x 150cm 5 in 1 reflector with 20% off







Boom Time

Here at Smick were booming well we are having offers on our studio lighting boom arms, first up is the Large Professional Heavy Duty Lighting Boom which if you have a studio or setting up a studio will serve you for many years. It comes with lockable wheels so is easily moved about and it has a swivel head, with a wheel on the back of the arm it allows you to position the head where you want it while it is in position, were giving a massive £65.00 off this so if you have thought about it now is the time to buy. This offer only applies to England, Wales and Central Scotland due to the large shipping size, all other boom offers can be purchased in any EU country.

Next up is the Professional Heavy Duty Boom Light Stand which is our best selling boom arm with a 4kg counter balance weight also comes with lockable wheels and is a great allrounder solid piece of kit that will take all you throw at it.







Now we have our latest is it a stand or is it a boom if fact its both Multi Purpose Boom Arm really versatile and really portable comes with wheels as an option, has a canvas bag for your counterweight which can be 2 large bottles of water, there is a video review by Gavin Hoey Multi Purpose Boom Arm. Last but not least our small lightweight boom arm Boom stand Lighweight for those lighter loads.

Multi Purpose Boom Arm

We now have a video review of our Multi Purpose boom arm which transforms from a 4 metre high light stand to a boom arm, this is a medium boom arm great for travelling and for the smaller studio. We have 2 other heavier duty boom arms the Professional Heavy Duty Boom Light Stand and the Large Professional Heavy Duty Boom Light Stand.

There is also a lightweight boom arm for light loads.

Multi Purpose Boom Arm

We have a new product the multi purpose boom arm it start off as a 4 metre high light stand and transforms into a boom arm. The boom arm parts slots into the main tube of the stand, it then raises up and tilts on the angle bracket. It has a counterbalance bag for you to put your own counterbalance weight in either 2 bottles of water or sand bags we also have the option of adding lockable wheels to your order.

This is a great stand if you need to transport it as the whole thing collapses down to 120cm solidly built made by the same factory as the other two large boom arms.

We now have 4 Boom arms a lightweight boom arm, multi purpose boom arm, heavy duty boom arm and the large heavy duty boom arm.

Multi Purpose Boom Arm www.smick.co.uk from Smick on Vimeo.

Large Heavy Duty Boom Arm

Our very large heavy duty boom arm is on special until 15th September, this is really a solid piece of kit and could take the heaviest of use. Once the lighting head is attached its position and angle can be adjusted from the controls at the back using a wheel to change the angle. There is also a handle to adjust for lateral movement to get your light in the perfect position.

It has a 6kg counterbalance weight and can take pretty much any studio flash head or continuous lighting head so wether you are shooting still digital or using for video lighting this stand would last years of heavy use.

Take a look at our special offer category as we have a few other bargains.

Large Heavy Duty Boom Lighting Stand

This large heavy duty boom lighting stand is big and sturdy comes with lockable wheels for easy positioning, it has a 6kg counterbalance weight and takes a hefty 9kg payload.

With large diameter aluminium tubing used throughout this unit will last a lifetime it uses a standard lighting spigot to hold all modern studio flash heads. You can move the boom through 180 degrees and the spigot on the front is controlled from the rear through 90 degrees. This means the studio flash head can be positioned precisely using the steering wheel type control at the back. You will also be glad to know the spigot is removable and has 2 positions.

This model compliments our heavy duty boom light stand which is also value for money. Due to its 2 metre length when packed we can only supply this in the UK.

Large heavy duty boom lighting stand

Heavy duty boom lighting stand

Boom Arm

boomOur heavy duty boom arm kit is great for studio flash lighting and continuous lighting heads, very well specified and has a 4kg counterbalance weight. It comes with lockable wheels so its easy to move about the studio, so if you need to get your studio lighting equipment up high and overhead this is great value for money. More about our boom arm