Light Modifiers and Reflectors

We have a new sub category now Light Modifiers and Reflectors under Studio accessories to list all relevant items to make the studio accessories various less cluttered as we have several new light modifier products.

The first new product we have is a beauty dish with honeycomb grid the honeycomb grid and diffuser are available separately, we have 2 fittings for this the Bowens s – type fit and Elinchrom fit. Next up is an Elinchrom fit snoot with honeycomb which complements the Bowens fit Snoot. A standard reflector Bowens fit for spill kill, other items in this category are Barn Doors with gels and aim to bring more products to this category when we can.

Beauty Dish

beautydishCheck out our new beauty dish a great addition for your photography lighting kit, Used in fashion glamour and portrait photography. It is Bowens s type fit and 42cm in diameter silver for maximum reflection. so will fit straight onto your studio flash head. Beauty Dish