Background Support with Telescopic Pole

Background Support

background supportIf you have a backdrop to hang then you are going to need a background support. We have 2 different background supports one is more heavy duty than the other, they are both made from aluninium have telescopic poles that close down to the smallest at about 1.2 metres and will expand up to 3 metres, the poles extend and twist to lock. The standard support will go upto to 2.6 metres high and the heavy duty background support will go up to 3 metres in height.

Backdrops are Vinyl which are good and last a long time these normally come with an internal aluminium core this just slips over the telescopic pole but are expensive. Then there is paper which can come in a variety of colours this is good and a new pristine piece of paper can be pulled down for each shoot which can make it expensive. The third option which we sell is cotton muslin, this has the natural ability not to be shiny but as it is cotton will crease, this is the most cost effective backdrop.

To help with the creases in cotton muslin hang the backdrop which comes with a 3 inch rod pocket and use a spray bottle with tap water in it and mist the backdrop the moisture will help the creases by relaxing the material, steaming is also a good option to remove creases, the muslin can also be laundered on a cool wash. Try not to light the backdrop at an oblique angle as this will show the creases.

October Studio Lighting Offers

This months offers are going to be mainly in our Lightstands and supports category.

First of all the the Lightstand 1.9m and Professional Lightstand 2.4m are reduced.





Reflector Holding Arm and the Pro Reflector Holding Arm Kit are still on special.





Background Support Pole are now exceptional value.


Multi Purpose Boom Arm great portable boom see the video.






Professional Heavy Duty Boom Light Stand if you need a solid boom arm permanently in the studio.






Studio Bag Medium well padded great for storing your studio and camera gear.



Excel Studio Lighting Bag – Case for more compact storage.





Offers will run until 20th October subject to stock and items may be withdrawn without notice.

February Offers

Large studio Lighting Case / Bag

To start our special offers this month we have our superb premium studio case, this bag is real quality with rigid sides and reinforced corners this will take a lot of wear. It has a spacious interior with movable dividers that are secured by Velcro it also has two pockets on the outside ideal to fit the laptop into. It has a handle on the top, wheels on the bottom for easy handling.

This has 45% off the normal price we only have 10 at this price.

Large studio lighting case


Telescopic Background Support

Next up is the telescopic background support, a great support for muslin or paper rolls and has the advantage that the cross pole is telescopic and can be set to any length from 1.2 metres up to its maximum of 3.1 metres this has 10% off and will last up until the end of February.


For mini studio flash heads like portaflash that have a diameter of between 75mm and 95mm there are two softboxes 40 x 40cm softbox and 60 x 40cm softbox both have internal diffusers as well as the outer diffuser to spread the light evenly to stop any hot spots and they are very easy to erect.

Checkout the Special Offer category as there are some other things on specials such as the strobist flash bracket, chroma key blue muslin and the  95 cm octagonal universal fit softbox.

Photographic Backdrops and Background Supports

With photography lighting in a studio wether it be for video lighting or studio flash photography then you need some sort of background. We stock White, Black, Grey, Chroma Key Blue and Chroma Key Green all are seamed and have a rod pocket for use with a background support.

We stock some basic colour’s in three sizes 8 ft x 12ft, 8ft x 16ft and 10ft x 20ft, these are made from high quality 100% cotton muslin starting with our White Backdrop this is probably our most popular. If your looking for pure white backgrounds to your pictures then this needs to be lit evenly with more light than is falling on your subject, with studio flash this relates to about a stop more light.

Then we have the Black Backdrop and to get a really black background to your image or video you need to try and keep the light away from it, bring your subject away from the background to try and stop the light spilling onto it. To define your subject it is important to have a hairlight lighting from the back this will give a rimlight effect stopping  your subject blending into the background, you can also get some good effects if you light the black backdrop it will go grey in varying degrees depending on how much light you shine on it, with coloured gels you can also add colour effects,

The next one up is the Grey Backdrop probably the most versatile of all, aproximately 18% grey its possible to make it grey, white or black, Gavin Hoey has produced a great video using one of our grey backdrops showing how to do this with studio flash, if you click the videos link on the right of this page this is where all our videos are. Grey Backdrop Video

Chroma keying is a great way to put any background you want onto your video or picture, extensively used in TV and film studio’s, we stock Chroma Key Blue and Chroma Key Green backdrops, the idea here is to make sure it is lit well and evenly. This can then be selected with image editing software or video editing software which allows you to replace what was there with something of your choice, you do need to make it look as convincing as you can and this is the art to have the new background match your subject.

For the 100% cotton muslin backdrops you need to support it on something and we have 4 different Background Supports to choose from.

If you are on the move then we have 2 pop up backdrops one is black one side and white the other this one we call for some reason Black and White Popup 100 x 200cm the other one we have is a chroma key green Chroma Key Green Popup 100 x 150cm.

Care of your backdrop

As they are 100% cotton they do crease, the best way to deal with this is to use a steamer to get out the wrinkles if you need to travel with your kit then they do some good low cost travel steamers., Failing that use a bottle that with a fine mist, use this to mist with water to reduce the creases. With the popup backdrops its important to do this as when they reach you they have been folded for a long time so steam or mist these and leave out and the creases will fade.

If your backdrop becomes dirty then you need to wash it, if you can just wash by hand the part that is dirty only use mild detergents failing this then they can be machine washed on a low temperature with mild washing powder used for coloureds you can also dry clean but ask your dry cleaner to do a spot test on somewhere that doesn’t notice before going ahead.

Almost forgot we have backdrop clips that can help to pull your backdrop taut.

Last Few Days

In our special offer category we have a special on our professional heavy duty background support which can take up to 3 backdrops, it is extremely sturdy and robust, its the biggest one we do. The very large gold silver reflector 150 x 200cm at only £39.00 also the popup chroma key green backdrop 150 x 200cm for £49.99.

These are all due to end on 30th May so if you want one then there is no better time to get it, look out for more special offers in June.

Special offers

professional heavy duty background support

large gold silver reflector

popup chroma key green backdrop

Reductions on Studio Lighting Equipment

We have some special offers in our Special offer category we have added some offers that run through to the end of February.

The very large gold silver reflector is 200cm x 150cm we are given £10.00 off now making it exceptional value, indoors or out this will be a great addition to your photography lighting accessories. We have also reduced the very large background support it has three bars giving the flexibility to have 3 backdrops this has a reduction of £20.00, wether you are using it for video lighting or for studio flash lighting it is very sturdy and will last a long time even in the toughest environments.

We have reduced redhead lighting the 3 head redhead lighting kit is  reduced by £15.00

Background support Kits

background supportIn studio photography apart from your studio lighting you need some sort of background and something to support that background or backdrop and that is a background support. We have 4 different models that all do the same thing but have slightly different features.

The first model is Background Support has 2 stands and the cross bar comprises of three poles that lock together, you can choose to have just 2 poles which gives a smaller width. The next is Background Support with Telescopic pole this allows you to have a variable width which can be very useful if you have limited space, pull out to the required length and twist to lock. The third model is Heavy Duty Background Support this has four interlocking poles and is a very robust and sturdy system that will allow you to support any backdrop including a vinyl backdrop. The fourth model is Professional Background Support has four interlocking poles like the previous model but is bigger and studier and has three cross poles which allows you to have thress backdrops and is especially useful if you are using paper roll backdrops, so allowing you to change between the three quickly and easily.

Another thing we have is just the background support pole with three interlocking poles, useful if you already have lightstands to support it, we include 2 adaptors that screw to the top of a standard lightstand that has a 3/4 thread on it.

Heavy Duty Background Support

background support

We have a heavy duty background support with three poles, this will allow 3 backdrops or paper rolls, this is a very sturdy and robust item and would be a great addition to your studio lighting equipment. Wether you have studio flash,  continuous lighting or video lighting this is such a versatile background support. If you are a portriat photographer or making video then this will give you the ability to change the backdrop fast. Heavy background support.