Studio Lighting Clips and Clamps

We have a whole lot of studio lighting accessories which includes clamps and clips.

The multiclip is two clips joined together with a metal rod, this is used to attach flags to lighting heads, no not that sort of flag. Also called french flag the purpose is to block light from spilling onto things that you don’t want lit. So a piece of black card will do and the multiclip allows you to position it for the greatest effect to block light from effecting the camera or the background or part of the image you are creating. Multiclip


The Next clip we have is a Backdrop Clip it does what is says on the tin it holds fabric back drops without damage, it grips the fabric between two plastic parts and cumulinates in a metalĀ  quick release ring. Several of these can help stretch the backdrop taught and remove any creases. Backdrop Clip


If you need something stronger then the metal Gorilla Clamp is what you want, with a powerful springĀ  the jaws are rubber lined to prevent damage to what your clamping to. This also comes in a variation Studio Clamp with lighting spigot which allows you to mount a light head . Gorilla Studio ClampStudio Clamp with Spigot


Then there is our basic Studio Clamp this is made from plastic but has a strong spring and can be used for many things around the studio. Studio Clamp