Studio Lighting Case or Bag

If you are after a studio lighting bag and don’t want a top end bag costing hundreds then your next stop should be the Smick website as we have a large range of bags and cases. What is a case and what is a bag, well a bag is on the whole soft, a case is mainly rigid I hope that clears that up. You will find all our bags in the Studio Lighting Bags directory.

Our first bag is on Special at the moment has one compartment a handle and shoulder strap and has some padding that is the Studio Lighting Bag A034. You just cannot beat the value for money with this studio bag.

The next bag is a stand bag to hold up to three stands there is very little padding for this bag A005.

Then we have the Studio Bag Medium STB180 which is very well padded and has a padded top and bottom with dividers included this is a great bag in size will hold a lot of gear and is great value for money.

The next one up is the Studio Bigbag STB200 this has the same level of padding as the Meduim bag but is just larger and so will take more photographic kit.

The Excel Studio Lighting Bag – Case STB950 is a totally different shape and is designed to take Continuous Lighting, Video Lighting or Studio Flash in a more compact way, this has padding but has rigid sides and a pocket either side for accessories.


Our top case is the Very Large Studio Lighting Wheely Bag – Case SLB750 his is our biggest case and has rigid sides to protect your kit, this can house a vast amount of Studio Lighting Kit. There is a large divider so that you can create a compartment for lightstands ans other dividers to make smaller compartments.