Studio Flash Lighting

Our SD300 300Ws and SD600 600Ws, studio flash heads and kits are now back in stock. They are robust heads and very simple to operate making them a great choice for the enthusiast and the professional, we have sold these over three years now and get some glowing feedback for them. We also have the E series studio flash with the E400 400Ws and for the power hungry E800 800Ws these have added functionality over the SD series which can be seen in the overview videos.

We have single head flash kits, two head flash kits and three head flash kits.

You may wonder why our prices for our studio flash lighting is so low, we are 15% – 20% lower than most of our competitors for equivalent or lower specification heads, how do we achieve this. Well you won’t see any fancy paid for ads or reviews in the magazines, we prefer recommendations which is achieved by customer satisfaction, so we really do prefer to have these lower prices. We only accept orders via the internet as this automates the process and makes it very simple to order it saves a lot of administration overhead all helping to keep our prices down.

We have all these heads + kits and a lot more photography lighting equipment in stock for fast delivery.

SD series overview video

E series overview video

Single head flash kits

Two head flash kits

Three head flash kits