Studio Flash Kits

This time of year many people are looking to buy Studio Flash Kits, our prices are already low but to encourage them we are having a December offer.

If you check out the competition our prices on studio Lighting are already low, the main reason for this is our competitors advertise their products, there are 2 effects. The first effect on  Studio Flash and also on  Video Lighting is the cost of advertising which is added to the product which increases the price also generally they are a third party agents and yet again the price increases as the importer is  taking a cut which adds to the price.

As an importer we can cut out the middleman on all our Studio Flash and on our Studio Lighting this means lower cost to you, also they advertise so this also has to add to the products cost, so you will see competitors Studio Flash is at a lower specification but very often at a higher cost and this is the reason. We promote our Studio Lighting very little by youtube and some adwords and rely on word of mouth this is why the prices may be lower yet the specification higher.

Our offer which runs to the end of December or while stocks last can bee seen by entering the 2 kits we have on offer which is the 180Ws Studio Flash Kit which is a great starter kit and the 300Ws Studio Flash kit that has the power with a metal case and fan included.

180Ws Studio Flash Kit

300Ws Studio Flash Kit

M180W Overview video

SD300W Overview video.