Spotlight on Softboxes

You can get so many different effects using a softbox and there are so many different types of softbox you can use.

stripbox photographic softbox

A softbox is a must have tool in a photographer’s studio for flash photography as they are so versatile. They are easy to set up, simple to use and create fantastic results. A softbox diffuses the light and gives a soft, even glow and reduces harsh shadows.

Softboxes are designed to create a dominant light source, so keep it close to the subject. It gives a softer light and with the grip makes it more directional too.

Our Range

There are lots of shapes and sizes of Softbox to choose from and it really depends what you want to get out of it and how much room you have available. Larger softboxes create more light and softer light, the smaller the softbox the light becomes slightly harsher.

The light can be controlled with the use of a grid; we have a range of these from 60 x 90cm up to 140cm Octagonal Softboxes and strip boxes. The grid attaches to the front with Velcro and helps you to direct where the light falls with more control and less spillage.

We have Bowens S-Type fit and classic Elinchrom fit. All our softboxes fold down small and make them versatile and easily transported (or put away when not in use).

We have some great videos using softboxes for different lighting requirements so check them out.

Some are now on Special Offer

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