Spotlight on Reflectors


One of our best selling studio accessories is the reflector and here at Smick we sell several different types and sizes. So if you are unfamiliar with why they are so useful and what to do with them then here is a handy guide:

Portrait Photography

This is undoubtedly the most useful way to change the light quickly and effectively in a studio setting our outdoor photography. Natural light can cast unflattering light on your subject and to counteract this use a white reflector that will balance the light and minimise the shadow cast.

If you want a warm tone to the skin then turn it over and use the gold side to add a warm glow to faces. The white side can be used similarly to a softbox to diffuse the light of the sun.

Our 5 in 1 reflector gives you amazing versatility at a great price, with white, black, gold and silver colours.

The reflector folds down to 53cm and is stored in the bag supplied. The inner section is a shoot through diffuser; it has a zipped cover that gives it the other four functions. It has a loop for hanging built in.

Made from high quality fabric this is a versatile piece of kit in the studio and out.

* Gold reflector / warm light
* Silver reflector / bounce – fill
* White reflector / smoother tones also as a background
* Black / light kill also as a background

This is a quality reflector strong and robust not flimsy at all. We have a great video on the reflector here:

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