Slave Flash Lighting

The mains powered slave flash unit can be overlooked but they are an excellent addition to your studio lighting kit, it has a test button and a sync outlet and comes complete with a sync cable. The word slave means they they are triggered by any other flash unit so can be used with other studio flash or camera flash units.

They are very cost effective and can be used with umbrellas and softboxes. Lets take our 45Ws slave flash unit with the ceramic bulbholder, the slave unit screws in to the bulb holder and then the bulbholder fits onto a lightstand, the bulb holder accepts umbrellas or an umbrella softbox. We have slave flash kits which can be used for portraits a really good way to into studio photography, although they don’t have the versatility of a full blown studio flash lighting kit you can still get some fantastic results and ideal if you don’t have too much space.

It can also be used as an extra light to add light to an area by a bit of DIY using some card make a snoot for it or used in our 26cm light head to give a wider beam of light, also ideal for the strobist to add extra flash heads at a fraction of the cost of a speedlight.

45Ws Slave Flash

Ceramic Bulbholder

Bulb Holder and 45Ws Slave flash

Slave flash Kits