Video Lighting and Continuous Lighting

Video Lighting and Continuous Lighting are in fact one and the same, all our kits use compact fluorescent bulbs that are daylight balanced at 5400k and 90 CRI.

Continuous Softbox Lighting Kits comprise of a 50 x 70cm Softbox with a single ES bulb holder the push up like an umbrella. These are sold in Continuous Softbox Single Head Kit, Continuous Softbox Double Head Kit and Continuous Softbox Three Head Kit and come with a choice of stands and either 105w bulb or 125w bulb.

Then we have our Supersoftbox Kits that have 50 x 70cm softboxes but have 4 bulbs each of 50w, these are our best selling kits for Videography for head and shoulder type work. We sell these in Supersoftbox Single Head Kit, Supersoftbox Double Head Kit or Supersoftbox Three Head Kit all with the choice of lightstand and boom arms.

The Supersoftbox 4 kits are the same as the standard Supersoftbox but come with the 105w bulbs in the 2 main heads therefore more light these kits also come in Supersoftbox 4 Single Head Kit, Supersoftbox 4 Double Head Kit or Supersoftbox 4 Three Head Kit.

We have the Lighbank series each have 7 x 50w bulbs on each head, the standard Lightbank with barn doors and has a shower cap type diffuser cover and the Lightbank with large softbox, unfortunately these are not interchangeable.

SupersoftboxSupersoftbox 5 is as the name says has 5 105w bulbs in each head given the units the maximum light output that we have, we sell these in Supersoftbox 5 Single Head Kit, Supersoftbox 5 Double Head Kit and  Supersoftbox 5 three Head Kit all with the choice of lightstands and boom arms.

The Lighbank Series, Supersoftbox 4 and Supersoftbox 5 are suitable for full length video and can be used as continuous lights although exposure and ISO are compromised in digital photography.