Photographic Softbox

All these softboxes fit to Photographic Studio Flash Heads or Studio Flash Kits except the umbrella softbox that will fit to anything with an umbrella mount.

We have a 60 x 40cm softbox which is for the small form studio flash heads 95mm diameter such as the Portaflash units.

There ia a portable Photographic sofbox theĀ  80 x 80cm Folding Softbox these come with either an Elinchrom fit or a Bowens fit speedring and will fold up into a small package the front diffuser helps with its rigidity.

The next lot of softboxes will fit to Elinchrom fit studio flash heads or to Bowens fit studio flash heads and also studio flash kits. An 80 x 120cm Softbox that is easy to erect and has an inner diffuser and an outer diffuser. This is the video of how to erect it Rectangular Studio Flash Sofbox.

We have this 80 x 120cm in the EZY up Softbox range which goes up just like an umbrella very fast and is made with very heavy duty fabric it also has an inner and outer diffuser and comes with an eggbox grid that attaches with the use of hook and eye technology.

We then have a 60 x 90cm Photographic Softbox and you can see the video of how to erect it Assembling 60 x 90 and 140cm softbox with Grid this has an inner and an outer diffuser and comes with a grid. In this range comes the 140cm octagonal studio flash softbox in both Elinchrom and Bowens fit speedrings, the erection of this is same as the previous video.

In the EZY up range we have a 120cm Octagonal Studio Flash Softbox this gives great light.

Our premium softbox is a Photographic Softbox Stripbox, this is a large 150cm long and 30cm wide Stripbox and measuresĀ  and this is an EZY up photographic softbox.