Lighting Modifiers and Reflectors

Lighting Modifiers and Reflectors we have a category for this and it covers all modifiers suitable for Studio Flash, we do Bowens fit and Elinchrom fit speedrings. Some things are universal and will fir any studio flash head.

First is spill kill reflectors we have a Bowens fit Spill Kill Reflector and an Elinchrom fit Spill Kill Reflector neither have umbrella brackets but they have push outs to allow an umbrella to pass through.



We have a Bowens fit Snoot with Grid and an Elinchrom fit Snoot with Grid which are removable.




We have Large Barn Doors that are universal and these fit to the front of a standard reflector that has a lip, on the bottom is 2 adjustable screws and at the top is a spring wire that clips to the reflector to make the Barn Doors secure. They come with 3 coloured gels and also a diffuser gel and of course the barn doors.

The next is a 41cm Beauty Dish which comes as Bowens fit speedring or Elinchrom fit speedring, it comes with a removable grid and also a diffuser that will fit over the front.



An adapter to change Elinchrom to Bowens fit, this allows any Elinchrom head to be fitted with this so that it will accept any Bowens fit accessory. We also have a small form Adapter for Studio Flash heads with a 95mm diameter once fitted allows Bowens fit accessories to be fitted will fit the Portaflash flash heads.