Product Photography

Tabletop Lighting KitWe have a number of kits in our photography lighting range that are designed for product photography so we have created a category for them. Using balanced daylight bulbs with a colour temperature of 5400k – 5600k which is perfect for digital photography, the bulbs are compact fluorescent bulbs or cfl and are energy efficient. The bulbs give out more light than heat so are classed as cool lights and with a CRI or Ra of 90 which is the colour rendition index gives accurate rendereing of colours. The bulbs we have are 40w, 50w, 105w and 125w they are all edison screw fit E27 which is the standard screw fit bulb.

The small tabletop lighting kits are ideal for small items such as jewellery up to larger items we also have floor standing kits that can photograph much larger items and photo light cubes 30cm, 50cm, 80cm, 120cm  up to a massive 150cm. With the free standing kits its possible to photograph large furniture items including room settings, the lightbank 350 is so powerful you can also shoot people and get sensible exposures. The trilight lighting kit is a good choice as it can be used on its own it comes with a diffuser cover that fits over the reflector and it can be used with umbrellas to give a much wider area of light using either the silver umbrella  for maximum light or white shoot through for softer light.

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