Product photography Large items

product photography2 Light Studio Lighting and Umbrella continuous lighting kit

We have a lot of product photography kits and most of these are smaller items. If you need to do large items you can use the Supersoftbox Kits but we have a really simple method.

This consists of using shoot through umbrellas and using the 125w bulbs to give you a wider area of light. This kit comes with 2 stands, 2 ceramic bulb holders, 2 125w bulbs, 2 white shoot through umbrellas and we also include 2 silver umbrellas.

So you set your camera on ISO 100, aperture priority and this allows you to set your aperture, you want to go to an aperture of about f11 to give you some depth of field the camera will decide your exposure, you may need to use exposure compensation if the camera is seeing a lot of white or black.

This is a very versatile kit, you need to set you camera on a tripod as the exposure will be longer than you can hand hold, so you can shoot large items room scenes and most product photography that you need to do. We have made a video to illustrate this kit