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Product Photography

Product Photography with Supersoftbox

We have a new Product Photography kit to complement our tabletop photography kits. We have a Product Photography category where it is easy to see what we have on offer. This is a continuous lighting solution for small items and we also have some tutorial videos for product photography including jewellery you just need to click videos on the right.

It consists of a Supersoftbox kit and an 80cm Photo Light Cube, the Supersoftbox kit is used without the diffusers for this. There is also the option to have a third light which can be used to light at the front or from above and it is called Continuous Light kit with 80cm Light Cube.

The cube gives you nice soft light and helps to reduce reflections and shadows allowing you to show the maximum details of the product or item. Each head has 4 x 50w balanced daylight compact fluorescent bulbs with 5500k and a CRI of 90. Each head can be angled and comes complete with mains lead. There is a front cover with the cube that is attached using hook and eye technology, it also comes with sweeps.

The Supersoftbox kit can also be used for Video Lighting so gives multiple uses it can even be used for portrait digital photography as our video.

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We have a tutorial video showing the difference between 2 and 3 lights