Photography Lighting Offers

We have some offers on some of our studio lighting and Studio lighting accessories.

Bowens Fit Beauty Dish, this is silvered and 42cm in diameter, gives great light for that classic beauty lighting. The 101cm umbrella softbox this is an alternative to the white translucent umbrella it contains the light so no light spill. A slave flash unit can be useful our 45Ws slave unit and ceramic bulbholder has a photo sensor and when a flash goes off it will trigger the slave head within a fraction of a second, the bulb holder will take an umbrella or the softbox umbrella.

600Ws 2 Head Studio Flash kit this is a powerful flash kit and a very solid performer metal casing with cooling fan take a look at the overview video Studio Flash SD series Overview, it takes Bowen s-type fit accessories so plenty of light modifiers to choose from.

Very Large Wheely Bag / Case the large wheely bag is a great size with Internal Measurements of 88 x 28 x 23 cm and because it has a handle and wheels its so easy to trasnport your photography lighting kit wether is studio flash, video lighting or continuous lighting.

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