Multiclip How to use it in Photography

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Studio Flash Accessories Photographic Multiclip

The Photographic Multiclip is a great piece of kit very simple but effective and can be used with any flash lighting reflector this accessory is something everyone should have in their bag we would love to know the uses. You can use the Multiclip as a French Flag to feather light away from the areas you want or block off areas you don’t want the light to fall. The Photographic Multiclip is in the Studio Accessories Various category and the sub category along with a lot more different bit and pieces.

A Photographic Multiclip is a piece of kit that is so simple but often overlooked or not known about, this is something every photographer who uses studio flash lighting should have in their kit. There can be other uses for this device that we would like to know about, so if you have different uses for it please let us know. In the video we explore the conventional us for the Photographic Multiclip, we have many different studio accessories and for off camera flash so go to our site to have a look around the eccommerce side

To show exactly how to use it we have made a small video.