Tutorial Videos


Continuous and Video Lighting

Portrait Photography using Continuous Lighting

Lightbank Softbox Lighting

Product Photography Small items and Jewellery Tutorial

Product Photography Tutorial

Three Point Lighting Technique

Shallow DOF with Lightbank Softbox

Product Photography 2 or 3 Lights?


Studio Flash and Speedlights

Studio Flash Portrait Tutorial Softbox with Grid

Studio Flash Lighting tutorial

120cm Softbox Portrait Lighting Tutorial

Grey Backdrop Tutorial

Strobist Softbox Tutorial

Macro Photography Tutorial Using EZY up Speedlight Softbox

Water Photography using the EZY up speedlite softbox

Bowens fit Speedlight Bracket

Portrait Photography with Slave Flash



How to get a white background on your video’s

How to Light for Chroma Key Green Screen

Chromakey Lighting

Tip on Popups Reflectors and Backdrops

How to fold a light cube