We have been busy

We have been busy and have upgraded both this and the eCommerce side.

On this site we now have the ability to be used on a mobile device so if you want to browse here then you can with your smartphone.

On the eCommerce side we now have the latest software. You won’t see any difference in the appearance but under the hood everything has changed. The payment process with Sage Pay has been improved and it now uses the latest software which makes thing a bit more straightforward. We do not access any credit card data so do not store any of it is all done by Sage Pay and it is a very secure process. We also have PCI DSS compliance which is a requirement of all companies taking cards over the internet and in person.

We also have some great new products coming in the next month.

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Compact Fluorescent Daylight Balanced bulbs

We have 105w daylight balanced bulba big range of Micansu compact fluorescent bulbs and we are glad to announce that the 105W bulb all with ES or E27 fitting are on Special Offer.

We were the first company to sell compact fluorescent photographic bulbs in the UK and use the phrase Daylight Balanced Bulbs, ours are 5500k colour temperature ideal for still photography and for video.

Just like a fluorescent light but coiled around into a small package. If you already have one of our light units such as the Supersoftbox series then you can replace the 50w bulbs it comes with and use the 105w which will give you much more light. Using these bulbs in your softbox lighting kits means more versatility with your exposure, you can have your lights further away.

105w Compact fluorescent bulbs


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DSLR Video Gear Great Reductions

stabiliservestWe have updated our DSLR video gear with reductions on rigs and accessories.

If you want a follow focus then our prices are some of the best, we have a follow focus that will fit directly to your camera without the need for a rig. We also have some great deals on lens belts for follow focus and we have a whip no not what your thinking. Speedcrank, zoon lens belts and LCD viewers so that you can see the image on the screen on the back of your camera a great idea to see the detail in bright light.

Bulk Saving

Camera rig accessories are also a great buy with bulk savings on some items. If you in need of a full load stabiliser vest and stabiliser the quality of our rig is second to none and you can watch the video to see all there components.

So take a look at http://www.smick.co.uk/sonline/video-and-dslr/dslr-rigs.html and also http://www.smick.co.uk/sonline/video-and-dslr/camera-grip.html

You will find the value for money is great so get a bargain now as new stock will be higher.

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360 Product Photography Kit

360 Product Photography360 spins, 3D product photography, 360 product images, whatever you call it we have a complete kit.

If you want to start doing 360 spins for your website then this kit is for you. It comes with turntable and software to make the spins, a computer where you can store them and upload to your site, a camera with a tripod and even the table to put it all on. Its proven to increase your products sell through and shows the customer a complete 360 view allowing them to magnify it to show all the detail. No ongoing costs if you store your spins on your site and is free to use on any number of websites.

The software is Pre loaded all you need to do is plug everything in fire up the software and start producing your own 3D product images that you upload by FTP, you can also take from the spin single shots of your product.

  • Computer Controlled
  • Real time preview
  • Automatic image capture
  • Crop and Edit
  • Outputs spins to separate folder


Not forgetting it also comes with 3 hours tuition in our Bexley Studio, to give you all the tools so you know what to do day one. Just go to our store and search for 360 spin and you will find it.

We also offer 360 Product Photography over at www.3dphotoscan.co.uk

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Product Photography using Slave Flash

Use this low cost kit to do your product photography, with slave flash you don’t have to worry about the ambient light. It’s great for taking product shots to put on ebay or your own website.

We show you by lowering the power in your on camera flash you can trigger the slave flash without effecting the subject. There is also a sync lead which connects to a PC socket most cameras do not have this so an extra adapter is required to attach to the cameras hot shoe.

This is very versatile and allows you to have a smaller aperture so that you have a good depth of field so that items are in focus.

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Special Festive offers

specialofferSpecial Offer Bonanza

We are going to have some great special offers which will run until 2nd of January.

The difference this time is that the offers will change, whenever an offer is made it will be the cheapest for the first time.

This may only last for several days so if you see something then you should get it as it may disappear or change to a higher price.

The offers will be changing over the festive period so if you see what you want then get it, there will be no set time it may be days or it may be longer, offers may disappear or go to a higher price. It will depend on many things such as whats left in stock or if we cannot keep up with the orders.

Special Offers


Christmas and New Year Shipping

The last shipping day for Europe will be the 15th December for the UK the last shipping date to get before Christmas is the 17th December although if ordered after that you may still get it.

The last shipping day will be 23rd December we will also ship on 29th December and will then resume normal shipment from 5th December.


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Portrait Photography Tutorial Using Mains Slave Flash

Slave Flash

Mains slave flash is a great way to get into portrait photography at a very low cost.

The Slave Flash Portrait kit is in the 2 head flash category in our eCommerce site, the kit comes with 2 shoot through umbrella’s, 2 bulb holders, 2 slave flash and 2 light stands. With this kit you can start portrait photography you can use one light to light your subject and one light to light the background or use a main light and a keylight. You can also use the second light as a hair light there are so many options.

We have made a video to show how this can be used.



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Bargains to be had in our Special Offer Category

We sell a whole range of equipment including DSLR video kit, if you haven’t tried video yet because you think of problems with editing? Well Photoshop does it very simply just go into the windows tab and select animation, this will load a timeline and you just import your video into Photoshop, check out You Tube for video tutorials. 7 steps to Editing video on Photoshop CC http://youtu.be/9-GdOBA9z-I is very informative and at least some of it works down to CS5.

Our You Tube channel goes from strength to strength smickphoto with 20,000 subscribers and there is a mixture of tutorials and product overviews please go and have a look around.

We have a whole lot of bargains in our Special Offer category before our holiday shutdown on 17th September.

140cm Octagonal Photographic softboxA special note about the softboxes that are on special the 60 x 90cm with detachable grid, this softbox comes in both Bowens S-type fit and standard Elinchrom fit. We also have the 140cm octagonal softbox this is an outstanding softbox and also has a detachable grid. If you haven’t worked with a large softbox like this the rap around light it gives you is soft and a delight to use this also comes with the choice of 2 speedrings.

stripbox photographic softboxNot forgetting our strip light softbox 150cm x 30cm goes up like an umbrella and has a grid.


Follow Focus unit


We have lots of other items available but the Special on the Follow Focus is great as it has a bracket on the bottom and will fit directly to your cameras tripod mount without the need for any type of rig.

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Video Tips

videotips front Most people that own a DSLR now have the capability of 1080p video which is HD video and so we have made a video with the basics which demystify your settings and get you going.


In the video we will explore video lighting and its worth noting that on YouTube we have a video lighting playlist, in  fact we have about 75 videos on our YouTube channel.

Tip no 1 is get some lights for  inside, we have many kits for all pockets and have a seperate category.

Tip no 2 is to set your focus to manual, this allows you to focus normally there is an aid on the live view screen of the camera so you can get pin point sharpness.

Tip no 3 set you camera to manual and set your frame rate, we use 25 frames a second so our exposure is double that at 50th sec, you should always keep this ratio to get good video. If you want more technical detail it is out there somewhere.

Tip no 4 Choose your depth of field, a wide open aperture will give you a small depth of field and f16 will give you a bigger depth of field which really means more of the subject is in focus.

Tip no 5 Use a small ISO something like 100 ISO as this will give you a much better quality than a high ISO, most of our videos are shot in 200 ISO. With your ISO and aperture these are balanced to give you a correct exposure.

Tip no 6 Get a good audio system and do not use the microphone on the camera. There is nothing worse than bad audio on a video, you can get a microhone to plug into your smartphone or use a shotgun mic on the camera.

Tip no 7 Use neutral density filters or variable neutral density filters, this gives you the ability in bright light to adjust you aperture and ISO so that you can get the result you want in the video we have a visual of how a variable neutral density filter alters the exposure.

Tip no 8 Stabilise your camera, a tripod is the best method but if the camera needs to move then there’s lots on the market to choose from.

Tip no 9 Look directly into the camera this helps you engage with the viewer and makes it much more natural.

Tip no 10 Have a script or an outline, this is important so you don’t miss anything out and you will know ahead of time what is going in to your video.


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RAW edit in Lightroom 5 from Dull to Vibrant

Lightroom editWere amazed at how powerful Lightroom 5 is these days with great RAW processing tools, it has now become a staple in our image processing. Lightroom is not only a RAW processor but has several different modules and the library function we find is irreplaceable to organise your files, there are 7 modules in all and you can build a website directly from Lightroom.

The export function is also very handy as you set the parameters of an export and then save it as a preset to use at a later date, it will remember all your setting and you can have as many presets as you want. If you haven’t tried it already then you can get a trial version which will last for 30 days.

Mick Sadler has produced a video of a RAW file edit that you might find interesting and we are making the files available to download on this page.

Download files here

Here is the video



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