Autumn offers

Autumn Offers

We just wanted to remind you as a valued customer that we still have some brilliant deals in our sale section. There are lots of half price offers available from softboxes to our Supersoftbox 5 kits.

Don’t forget to check out our special offers section where you will find lots of studio accessories.

As the weather starts to turn more autumnal and we move back into the studio, it’s a great time to update your equipment. We have some great LED lighting kits available such as our LED Supersoftbox Lighting kit or our LED lighting kit with 40cm reflectors.

We have a great range of reflectors for you too, to fit all types of equipment and sized studios.

You will find kits to fit all budgets and needs and if you can’t find what you are looking for then please let us know.

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Spotlight on Softboxes

You can get so many different effects using a softbox and there are so many different types of softbox you can use.

stripbox photographic softbox

A softbox is a must have tool in a photographer’s studio for flash photography as they are so versatile. They are easy to set up, simple to use and create fantastic results. A softbox diffuses the light and gives a soft, even glow and reduces harsh shadows.

Softboxes are designed to create a dominant light source, so keep it close to the subject. It gives a softer light and with the grip makes it more directional too.

Our Range

There are lots of shapes and sizes of Softbox to choose from and it really depends what you want to get out of it and how much room you have available. Larger softboxes create more light and softer light, the smaller the softbox the light becomes slightly harsher.

The light can be controlled with the use of a grid; we have a range of these from 60 x 90cm up to 140cm Octagonal Softboxes and strip boxes. The grid attaches to the front with Velcro and helps you to direct where the light falls with more control and less spillage.

We have Bowens S-Type fit and classic Elinchrom fit. All our softboxes fold down small and make them versatile and easily transported (or put away when not in use).

We have some great videos using softboxes for different lighting requirements so check them out.

Some are now on Special Offer

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Spotlight on Reflectors


One of our best selling studio accessories is the reflector and here at Smick we sell several different types and sizes. So if you are unfamiliar with why they are so useful and what to do with them then here is a handy guide:

Portrait Photography

This is undoubtedly the most useful way to change the light quickly and effectively in a studio setting our outdoor photography. Natural light can cast unflattering light on your subject and to counteract this use a white reflector that will balance the light and minimise the shadow cast.

If you want a warm tone to the skin then turn it over and use the gold side to add a warm glow to faces. The white side can be used similarly to a softbox to diffuse the light of the sun.

Our 5 in 1 reflector gives you amazing versatility at a great price, with white, black, gold and silver colours.

The reflector folds down to 53cm and is stored in the bag supplied. The inner section is a shoot through diffuser; it has a zipped cover that gives it the other four functions. It has a loop for hanging built in.

Made from high quality fabric this is a versatile piece of kit in the studio and out.

* Gold reflector / warm light
* Silver reflector / bounce – fill
* White reflector / smoother tones also as a background
* Black / light kill also as a background

This is a quality reflector strong and robust not flimsy at all. We have a great video on the reflector here:

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Spot light on Backdrops and Backgrounds – Muslin:

backdropgreyCotton Muslin

One of the unsung hero’s of the photographic studio, the muslin backdrop is often overlooked and not noticed but it’s one of the most versatile and useful pieces a studio can have (and it’s not often you’ll find a studio without one). Made from Finest quality 100% cotton muslin backdrops, ours have a seamless finish on the edges to stop tearing (and come with a handy 3” rod pocket for easy hanging).
Some of its uses can be for a clean background in portrait, product, and group photography. It can also be used as a prop and drape it over tables, chairs to add more texture and softness to a shoot. Our green screen or blue screen muslin are great for video production and enable you to change the background colour postproduction. It’s durable too and can be machine washed on a low temperature setting or dry cleaned.
We provide three different sizes: 8 feet x 12 feet, 8 feet x 16 feet and 10 feet x 20 feet.

Our colours include: White, Black, Grey, Blue, Green
They also take up very little space and can be stored easily when not in use, this is a great advantage over paper backgrounds or canvases because you can put them back into the included carry case and store until you need it again. A great way to ease the creases is to mist with a water bottle this will help to ease the creases.


We also provide sets that include the background stand and muslin together or just the stand. Our Professional Heavy Duty Background Support with telescopic cross pole are an exceptional quality and low price at the moment. Super quality made from aluminium its light but extremely sturdy and has a maximum height of over 9ft (286cm) with a maximum width of 10ft (305cm). Sturdy stands and telescopic cross pole, this allows setting it to any size from 130cm to the full width. It packs easily into its own heavy duty black canvas bag.

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Festive Holiday Post Dates

With Christmas fast approaching we’d like to remind you that the last date for orders to be dispatched is Wednesday December 23rd. We welcome the New Year in and first dispatch date is on January 4th 2016.

Once again we want to thank all our loyal customers for your support this year and look forward to another successful year with you.

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LED Lighting is the Future

LED Bulb-1It’s been 6 months since we launched our LED Lighting range and what an amazing response we’ve had. Customers have been loving the power that these lights give and the small fan and thermal cut-out means these lights won’t overheat which is a great asset in a studio setting.

The LED colour panels have also been popular with everyone as they are so versatile and if you haven’t already seen our introductory videos on these then do check them out for more information on the panels or lighting kits.

This is our LED Lighting playlist on youtube

All our LED range are compatible with the studio accessories we stock and there are some great kits we have put together incorporating these. We have single lighting heads and soft boxes all the way to our three head kits with boom arm and accessories. If there is something you would like to see we would love to hear from you and will do our best to accommodate your requests.

With the Christmas season upon us we would like to thank all our customers this year and wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. We are entering our 11th year here at Smick and will continue to bring you innovative and versatile kits and accessories to enhance all your photographic needs.

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LED Panels more powerful than most.


60 Watt LED Panel

Back in June we introduced you to our new LED Photographic Bulbs and their versatility in a studio setting. Following on from that we would like to show you our new LED 60W Single colour Panel light and 60W LED Bi Colour Panel Light.

These produce a soft light and are absolutely flicker free and have a dimmable colour temperature from 3000-5500k, so great for a studio environment. The housing is heavy-duty aluminium and the lights use heat free LED technology that makes using them easy to use and move around because they are also compact and light weight.

The barn doors on the front flag the light and the diffusing panel on the front diffuses the LED light.

They have 50000+ hours LED life and can be powered by batteries and there is also the option of remote control and cascade connection.

We’ve also put together several LED Continuous Lighting Kits that range from single units to three headed kits for your entire studio needs.

For further information please see the information video on LED Colour Panel Light

To order please visit our website….

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LED Bulbs a new innovation

LED Bulb-1We now have LED photographic bulbs the next innovation in continuous lighting for video or still shots. About 10 years ago we introduced photographic compact fluorescent bulbs to the UK and coined the phrase Daylight balanced bulb. It seems now that everyone sells them and uses our phrase so we are now introducing to the UK and Europe mains ES screw fit LED bulbs, they are 5500k and have a CRI of 90 and come in 2 strengths 25 watt and 45 watt.

The bulbs are very powerful and there are panel of 25 watts which one of our bulbs is and the 45 watt bulb the costs are very much lower than a panel would cost. Although the LED bulbs are sold separately we sell these as LED Supersoftbox and this has 2 25w bulbs in each head the light output is stronger than the 4 x 50w CFL bulbs we had and 2 x 45w LED bulbs in the head give out as much light as 5 of our 105w CFL bulbs.

So any bulb holder with ES screw fit can take one of our LED bulbs, old lighting can be transformed, the good thing about these bulbs is they are smaller and more robust than the compact fluorescent bulb. They can be stored easily and will take a knock and unlike CFL bulbs which loose power over time the LED bulb outputs the same light throughout its life.

LED Category

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We have been busy

We have been busy and have upgraded both this and the eCommerce side.

On this site we now have the ability to be used on a mobile device so if you want to browse here then you can with your smartphone.

On the eCommerce side we now have the latest software. You won’t see any difference in the appearance but under the hood everything has changed. The payment process with Sage Pay has been improved and it now uses the latest software which makes thing a bit more straightforward. We do not access any credit card data so do not store any of it is all done by Sage Pay and it is a very secure process. We also have PCI DSS compliance which is a requirement of all companies taking cards over the internet and in person.

We also have some great new products coming in the next month.

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Compact Fluorescent Daylight Balanced bulbs

We have 105w daylight balanced bulba big range of Micansu compact fluorescent bulbs and we are glad to announce that the 105W bulb all with ES or E27 fitting are on Special Offer.

We were the first company to sell compact fluorescent photographic bulbs in the UK and use the phrase Daylight Balanced Bulbs, ours are 5500k colour temperature ideal for still photography and for video.

Just like a fluorescent light but coiled around into a small package. If you already have one of our light units such as the Supersoftbox series then you can replace the 50w bulbs it comes with and use the 105w which will give you much more light. Using these bulbs in your softbox lighting kits means more versatility with your exposure, you can have your lights further away.

105w Compact fluorescent bulbs


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